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    Re: query-i am trying again

    Martha, the following comments are better than your query. Sometimes, when we get frustrated, we're able to spit out what we want to say better than when we sit down and think about it.

    Ok, then i can use how I struggle with the school system to have my daughter identfied for special education services?

    k,1 and 2 no teacher would help me have her tested. It's not your child Martha it is YOUR anxiety. When she got into 3rd grade and
    saw my daughter writing to "the bear" i decided that would get Mr.D's attn. it did and he helped guide me to get her tested.

    Clean it up, straighten out your grammar, and you might have a hook for your query. This is just a suggestion, you still have to tell it in your own words:

    I struggled throughout my daughter's first three years of school to get her teachers to notice that she had a problem and needed special educational services. I was told that my daughter wasn't the one with the problem, I was. That I was too anxious and worried too much. When (insert daughter's first name, nickname, or a fictional name for her here) entered 3rd grade, I saw that she was writing to the class' worry bear. I decided to use that to get Mr. D's attention. It worked, and he helped to finally get her tested.


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    Re: query-i am trying again


    While this is far from perfect, I think it's better than some of the other queries you've posted in the past.

    One thing that interests me is your daughter's situation. I think you should talk more about that. What exactly is her problem? Does she have a diagnosis? What, specifically, type of special ed services were you looking for? You might want to talk about this in the query.


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