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    Re: An example of good descriptive writing

    Sorry about that Joe. I'm admitting to having an air-headed moment because:

    1) I do not know when the story for "V for Vendetta" was written, or if it was a novel to begin with.

    2) Just like when you take a test and the instructor tells you to make sure you read the whole problem before trying to solve it or your answer will be wrong. I skipped straight to the character's description without reading the "written 80 years ago" part of your post.

    I'll do better on the next test.

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    Re: An example of good descriptive writing

    John Oberon Wrote:

    > But I'm willing to learn otherwise. Explain the
    > figurative meaning behind "His yellow-grey eyes
    > were horizontal"

    Thinking things over, John, I came to the conclusion that he may have specified that the eyes were horizontal, not slanted in the stereotyped way of an Oriental's eyes, in a contrast to the various Vs.

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