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Thread: Title Help

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    Re: Title Help


    Sounds fun. But, for me, the most important missing fact is your short story's MC. The title your MC would pick needs to say something about him. This could be really fun or sad or optimistic or anything. Give us his character sketch/evolution so we'll know how to label him through what he labels his creation.

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    Re: Title Help

    Penny Flipping???

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    Re: Title Help

    It’s really hard to find a title. So many catchy ones have already been used. I'm a kind of an 'out there' gal so I'd be thinking:

    Business, Pleasure & a DBL Shoot Espresso

    Boyfriend 2 Boss

    Make Mine 2 Go

    Feel free to ignore, I'm better with long sentences anyway! lol

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    Re: Title Help

    Perhaps you'll get an idea for a title once you finish your story. That's what I usually do.

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