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Thread: DIY Book Tour

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    James Lewis

    DIY Book Tour

    Hello all:

    For those that have done their own book tours, did you offer a standard split to each venue (i.e., 60/40)?

    Thanks. I'm about to approach various spots to do booksignings.


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    Re: DIY Book Tour

    I self published my memoir titled "I Wouldn't Die."
    Not being a writer ,I wrote my story as a professional writer that knows me quite well,suggested that I do so, as my life events would interest many.I did my best and ran it by him to make sure that I would not embarras myself in the product I would introduce to my friends and the world.
    To my amazement he was stunned seeing how I managed to follow the steps that a professional writer would have.
    Once written ,I made it my full time job to introduce my book to a number of outlets that would review it.
    Again,possibly by luck or the fact that my story did hit a particular nerve or interest by many,the reviews came in and came in very positively.Now I myself contacted a number of Libraries,Universities and groups scheduling speaking events at their location.I made the schedule and forced myself to travel at a hectic schedule that had me traveling from State to State attending numerous events.To my amazement I received free advertisement from each and luckely enough I attended each of the 21 events in 6 States with no difficulty and sold a lot of books.
    I did not pay anyone,and as a matter of fact,I received a number of Plaques from Universities for speaking there.
    It was a difficult task,and much could have gone wrong as far as car problem etc, but in my case it all went perfect.
    I am nearly Sold out at Amazon and did it all as a one man show.

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