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    Quote Originally Posted by J.S. Wayne View Post
    I may have just found the most terrifying words an author can utter:

    My book is going on sale.

    As I was hyperventilating into a paper bag (not really sure what the bag's for, but home remedies stick around because they work), my inner retard kicked in.

    What if it sucks? What if no one wants to read your stupid book? What if <gulp> you get dumped on by the critics?

    After whipping him back into his little cave in my left temple, and pouring myself a generous shot of whiskey, I started thinking.
    I know that self-publishing flies in the face of conventional wisdom, and is generally regarded as the surest possible way to guarantee that no traditional publisher will ever consider you as a "legitimate" author. In short, professional-hara kiri. Anyone got a tanto knife handy?
    With that said, I decided that I was tired of waiting for responses from agents and publishers, and tired of getting rejection slips. So I swallowed the huge leaden lump in my stomach and started to work.

    The biggest problem, naturally, is promotion: Who's going to buy something they don't know about? How do you reach a target audience that doesn't know you're alive?
    Solution: Get some help. Fliers, friendly librarians and bookstore clerks, and friends and family just became my biggest allies. And while you're at it, why make it all about you? Why not find a cause to get involved with, and help them while helping yourself?
    And so it was done. The interest emails are out, and time will tell who bites.

    Next problem: E-books are the Next Big Thing, but they haven't quite arrived yet.
    Solution: Make yourself a ground-floor investor. Why should the big dogs get all the bones? The overhead is minimal, the growth potential is unlimited, and you cut out a whole slew of middlemen. All of which means more profit, and more charitable donations. Not much downside there.

    Last problem: I'm a writer!!! I'm shy! I hide behind the written word, wielding a metaphorical pen like a sword. It's not my style to go out and try to sell myself.
    Solution: Toughen up, buttercup. Your road is easily twice as hard, which means you'll have to put in at least four times the effort. You're going to have to self-promote your butt off.

    So the fliers are out. The friends and family are doing what they can. The latest technology is being bent to my will. The face to face meetings start next week. The emails are going out to the local media. And the date is set for September 5th at 5:00pm Central time.

    Now the only question left is, "Can I pull this off? Can I stand tradition on its ear and make a going concern from nothing?"

    Time will tell.

    So, just in case you're curious about what I've been blathering about, the question of the day is: "Who is Markus Latimore?"
    *Link removed by Mod*

    Best of luck, y'all!
    The quick glance i had at your site .......scared me! the frontpage is uninviting and was all over the place and to be honest with you i am only a novice at both writing and websites so please do take my critic with a grain of salt , but the combination of different colors and different sized fonts in the space basically one paragraph was not inviting , i am not sure about some of the other comments here but i am just keeping mine to your linked site. My i offer my promo site i set up for first literary attempt, *Link Removed by Mod*, basically just a simple wordpress site using google fonts plugin to hopefully make it just a little different in its appearance. I just feel it is not quite so confronting and may hold the readers/visitors attention for a tad longer. I think make the book the attention getter and the minisite a reasonable gateway that entices the visitor to investigate just a bit further ..... by purchasing the book

    I wonder how it has panned out for you since writing this post? Please keep us updated ......good luck !
    VirtualBooks.Com.Au ...... seeking new authors to share their stories, experiences and inspirations

    JackUgly.Com .... my first ebook !

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    He won't update us. He stormed out in a huff after trashing the publishing business, like so many others before him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leslee View Post
    I'm sorry if you think this is "bragging," but there are many people out there who think self-publishing is something less than traditional publishing and I think it is necessary to point out that self-publishing can "sometimes" be the better route for "some" people. Wouldn't you agree? I did notice that you or frank haven't answered my question though

    Anyone ever talk to you about your inappropriate use of quotation marks? You didn't need them anywhere in that paragraph.

    Just can't wait to read your "book."
    Okay, I had to laugh at that. No disrespect to you, Jeff.

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    Rae Morgan
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Benner View Post
    Hello Leslee:

    I'm sorry if you think this is "bragging," but there are many people out there who think self-publishing is something less than traditional publishing and I think it is necessary to point out that self-publishing can "sometimes" be the better route for "some" people. Wouldn't you agree? I did notice that you or frank haven't answered my question though
    It's a moot point, really, as "traditional" publishing, thanks to the Internet, is going the way of the dodo bird. Going...going...gone...Nothing lasts.

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    Rae Morgan
    Traditional publishing in trouble. I'd say it's practically defunct now. I couldn't go back to reading books the old fashioned way. My eyesight isn't up to it. I love the Kindle because you can adjust the size of the text. And because it has its own light, you can read into the wee small hours and not disturb a bed partner. Plus you can download any book you want in a matter of seconds. No more struggling out in bad weather to a book store, who probably didn't have the title you were looking for, and had to order it in.


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    Australia - for now ;)
    While I agree Kindle is becoming popular and many people use it, I for one, love walking into book stores and 'flicking' through books.

    The only shopping I enjoy is shoe and book shopping and for the same reasons, books like shoes are real, tangible and make my imagination drift to another place time. When I buy a pair of shoes, the 'ritual' of trying on pairs of shoes and imagining when/where I can wear them is half the fun. As for books, when I open a book, read pages 1-3 I imagine the world I am reading and put myself into it (for the books I want to buy that is)

    I don't buy every book no more than I buy every pair of shoes but both my books and my shoes are with me for life. They are my company, my friends and my pride.

    I display my books and my shoes and happily talk about both.

    I also love 'checking out' other peoples shoes and books. On the tram or train, I'll look at what other people are reading and think... "Oh that looks interesting" and sometimes even strike up a conversation nad more often than not buy the book at a later date. I cannot do that with Kindle.

    You may be right and bookstores may be on their way out, but I for one hope not.

    My niece and nephews all have their own Kindles and love them, naturally. But guess what? they LOVE wondering through book stores and picking up a real book. For them it's fun, a treat. And before anyone suggests it, no they are not 'book-worms' they all play sport, have lots of friends and are very active physically as well as mentally. They also love the feel/smell of books. I hope this love never leaves them.

    As for self-publishing, I am yet to read/attempt to read a self published book I have enjoyed. I am sure there are some out there. Some which had had the time taken to edit and correct spelling/grammar mistakes, I just haven't come across them. Besides, I can't flick through a self-published book so it doesn't feel real.

    Each to their own I say, but ofr me, bookstores and real book are they ONLY way. I am a bit of a techno nerd, however, I don't own a kindle. I just can't do it. I live on my laptop, pc and phone so, when I want to read, I want a BOOK. I want a quiet corner, a cup of tea (or 3) and quiet. I want to flick pages, I want the smell of paper and ink, I want the entire ritual.

    Hopefully I'm not alone
    if the wine is sour throw it out


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    Rae Morgan
    I used to feel that way too. I had several bookcases full of books. And I couldn't imagine ever reading an ebook on the computer. But the Kindle changed all that. The sheer practicality and convenience it offers, are hard to beat. The upshot is, I've got rid of most of the print books, and when I move I'll only be taking a few with me. I used to be big on reference books. But since the Internet more or less cornered that market -- heck it's just about put Encyclopaedia Britannica out of business -- I never look at one any more. All of my research is done on line.

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    As a fellow researcher, I too have found the internet to be the future of research. Most of us don't have access to a large Library, but I have been able to do research through Google books that includes books that over 400 years old, something I never could have done before. Most of the reference books I have are now available on-line, so I never use the books anymore. Have you ever tried to search for a string of words in 1500 page 'book?'

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