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    Danielle Bolt

    Independent Book Festival

    Has anyone heard about the Independent Book Festival in California? I just entered and my book was accepted. It is a three day conference in Studio City and there will be publishers, agents, authors etc. there. There is also an awards ceremony. Just wanted to know if anyone had any info about it. I have never been to a conference and have no idea what to expect.


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    Re: Independent Book Festival

    From the website, it's devoted to the self-publishing corner of the book industry. No doubt it'll be awash with "publishers", but legitimate, non-fee-charging agents will be as rare as, well, royalty-paying contracts. But if self-publishing is the route you've set your mind on, this is probably as good a place as any to begin spending your money.

    Good luck.

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    J.D. Tallard

    Re: Independent Book Festival

    I just want to wish you luck. And Jayce, I sense a little sarcasm in your replay to Danielle. I apologize if I am reading this wrong, but some people do what they have to do to get their work out there especially with the difficulty of getting an agent. I self published an ebook on Smashwords and frankly its doing very well. So, Danielle do what you have to do to get your work out there! Let me know how it goes.

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    Senior Member Keith .'s Avatar
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    Re: Independent Book Festival

    Great post, J.D. Next time, though, try reading someone's post before criticizing it. It makes you look less ...well, either spam-ish or stupid. I assume since you registered here today and this is your first and only post that you have a dog in the Book Festival in California's hunt. That makes you spam-ish. Then again ...

    Danielle, mentioning this

    there will be publishers, agents, authors etc. there

    led Jayce to fear you thought this was a conference re traditional publishing. Agents do not represent self pubbed books, and authors pay rather than receive royalties from the publisher. Jayce wanted you to understand this up front. This is not a knock on self publishing, but many noobs jump in before researching. It sounds like you're doing your homework. Good for you.

    People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.
    - Bob Dylan

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