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    Art Edwards

    Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

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    Lea Zalas

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age


    You keep forgetting to put < at the beginning of your link and > at the end of your link. That way folks can click on it right from your message, rather than having to cut and paste. You know - some of us are just too lazy to do that.


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    Art Edwards

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age





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    Robert Wilson

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

    Good article.

    Very few fine art photographers prints sell for thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

    Are your wife's prints in this category? What is the price of her typical print?


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    Cara A

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

    That's a great article - thanks for posting!

    By the way, just like to reintroduce myself. I've been posting on/off again on this board for about a year now.

    Anyway, this article opens up a big discussion. I work in the digital space (digital advertising at MTV Networks). I use Facebook and Twitter religiously, and almost everything we do nowadays is online. I've been going back and forth with my literary agent on the idea of self-publishing. Because I'm a first-time author, and my work is non-fiction, we're finding it rough to get publishers on-board, especially in these rocky economic times.

    That said, I'm feeling there's a shift in the self publishing space, for the better. The more I hear, read, and think about it, the most it seems like a feasible option. As long as you're willing to put in the work for self promotion, I don't think it's as horrifying an idea as it once seemed to me.

    Besides, ultimately, if we believe in our work enough, we just want to get it out there, whether it's read by 2 or 200 people, right?

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    Libor Soural

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

    Self-publishing and reselling it all as an innovative E book franchise business is the multi-thousand dollar/euro way to go, satisfying any ego. This is my path, and my transcendental 36 volume Sixth Gospel sells as some daily exotic pedigree, entertaining, educating. Being an extremely prolific writer, I can't even imagine doing anything else but internet marketing my complete package, along with my KNOWHOW, as a business. People are impressed, intrigued, freaked out, inspired. Who has ever made $ 1800 cash in 14 hours chatting online selling their own E books on four continents, spreading the Sixth Gospel word ? Of course, headlines like "Czechwizard bewitched by Lady Gaga" helps.

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    Ce Ce

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

    **violin plays for Libor**

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    Agnes Adamsky

    Re: Self-Publishing in the Digital Age

    The most important thing in the digital age is mobile technology.
    I'd like to invite you to test a new site for writers - each text is automatically converted to mBook:
    *Link Removed by Mod*

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