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Thread: "Book trailers"

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    Diana Rajchel

    "Book trailers"

    While it's from a self published author gone somethingorother service, this idea as a form of promotion intrigued me:

    The jist is that you create a visual trailer for your book. I'm pretty sure I have the equipment at home to do this - basically podcasting software, Windows movie maker, etc. So I could do it, and it's intriguing...but the question is:
    should you do it? And when?

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    Dick P. D. Jones

    Re: "Book trailers"

    He's the trailer I did/ more like a mini-promo. Dunno if it will make any differncce to sales.

    Took six months to make.


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    Dick P. D. Jones

    Re: "Book trailers"


    That's more like it.

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