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    Gary Kessler

    Re: "Subsidy" or "Vanity" Publishing?

    There are a lot of vanity presses/book packagers that present themselves honestly. And a writer, I think, should select the one optimizing what they get against the effort and expertise they need/want to put into it. Lulu is good, yes, for the publishing process savvy and the one willing to sacrifice a lot of writing time to do production work. That's not most writers, though. Most writers would be better putting more money into it and letting someone more expert do the nitty gritty production work. (You can spin a lot of wheels and send a lot of money down the drain doing work you weren't trained or don't have the talent to do. Book production and book writing are two different animals.)

    A writer not prepared to do all of the setup work themselves can do comparison shopping on a whole bunch of reputable book packagers. Clea Saals maintains a useful comparison chart at <http://booksandtales.com/pod/index.php>.

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    Dave Kuzminski

    Re: "Subsidy" or "Vanity" Publishing?

    Gary, I did and still do recommend the book you and Carol Kluz wrote. Overall, it's a very good book writers would do well to read. Still, that by no means indicates I endorse every single line or definition. Our difference in opinion about what constitutes a vanity publisher was not and is not enough for me to change my opinion about your book. It's still good and it's still worthwhile. Nor does it constrain me from having my own opinion about what constitutes a vanity publisher. In fact, to tell the truth, if I gave a recommendation only to books I agreed with 100 percent, then none of the books recommended by P&E would be listed as recommended. However, those books, including yours, are all good and worth reading even though there are minute differences between what they state and what I support.

    As I stated before, some of my sources are no longer where they used to be but you can research them yourself if my word isn't sufficient for you.

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    L C

    Re: "Subsidy" or "Vanity" Publishing?

    <<And plead with anyone that if they make that choice to go ahead and select Lulu.com, >>

    *Plead* with them?


    And if they give in to my *pleading,* does that then make me responsible for helping them with the many formatting problems that are sure to follow?

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    L C

    Re: "Subsidy" or "Vanity" Publishing?

    "And plead with anyone that if they make that choice to go ahead and select Lulu.com,"

    My post was in response to the above quote.

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    Flora Torculas

    Re: "Subsidy" or "Vanity" Publishing?

    Print On Demand (POD) is good when you are trying to produce books or manuals for trainings and seminars, as well as writing your memoir for your family and friends to buy themselves. Other than that, I'm a little doubtful going POD. Though some people I heard are doing just okay with it but they have to go through lots of trouble before finding a suitable POD firm. Anyhow, its your personal choice. It really depends on your work, no matter how great looking your book cover would be but if your manuscript suck, everything falls apart with it as well.


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