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Thread: Book Cover Art

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    Thomas Dodd

    Book Cover Art

    Where do must self-published writers look for (and find) the cover art/design for their books?

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    A.L. Sirois

    Re: Book Cover Art

    They either grab some clip art from somewhere and gussy it up (taking care to observe copyright laws), or, if they have design skills, they can design their own covers. Another alternative is to hire a freelancer to do the art.

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    Stephen Coffey

    Re: Book Cover Art

    At the moment I use a guy who did my Comic book for me, his name is Barry McGowan and he is very good and still at good prices. If you are interested you can check out www.freewebs.com/stephenpaulcoffey and click on the Rosemary Herbb tab. Or you can find him on Facebook. Feel free to add myself if you want. Also I do use MS publisher for some releases...

    hope this helps

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    larry moses

    Re: Book Cover Art

    For my first book, I got an image from photostock. My other two books, I got original landscape photos from a photographer friend of mine.

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