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    kj spablo

    New Site For Us Writers

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a new how to and social
    network site that has officially launched. It is called
    NeedInstructions.com, and the basic idea of the how to + social network
    site, allows registered users to post, re-link, upload and even create your
    own instructions, manuals or how to's. Some of the features that will
    differentiate this from many other sites out there, is that it doesn't
    delete your old how to articles you created. Another cool feature is that
    you can upload and re-link your how to articles. In addition to help kick
    off the launch of the site, NeedInstructions.com is having its very first
    official contest. NeedInstructions.com is looking for great instructions!
    NeedInstructions.com is looking for step by step instructions on anything
    you can think of.

    So take a look, register for free at

    Also don't forget to register and win the 30 Gig Microsoft Zune player,
    portable DVD player, USB Flash Drive, and NeedInstructions.com t-shirts,
    that NeedInstructions.com is giving away. Check out the contest,

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    Re: New Site For Us Writers

    Oh, goodie. Prizes. I want one of those t-shirts.

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    Re: New Site For Us Writers

    Here's my favorite line:

    6. NeedInstructions.com reserves the right to modify, cancel, postpone or end the contest at any time...

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    Thomas Davis

    Re: New Site For Us Writers

    Jayce I couldn't find that part in the rules. Are you sure it was there? I mean if it was there then I wouldn't want enter, but since I don't see it I think I will give this a try. My daughter has been on my case to buy her a Ipod, but I guess she will have to settle with a Zune. 8)

    Are there any real writers out here? I am looking for some tips and advice on becoming a writer?

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    Smiling Curmudgeon

    Re: New Site For Us Writers

    See my post on your other thread.

    I suspect you're naive about what is required to become a published writer.

    Yeah, there are real writers here. Read some threads. You'll be able to tell.


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    Re: New Site For Us Writers

    Thomas: FWIW, it appears they changed it. My post was a direct cut-and-paste from this link: <http://www.needinstructions.com/promotion/>

    Good luck. IJust don't send 'em any money. In this business, NEVER send anyone any money; scammers abound.)

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