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    John Wheeler

    Have you written a book and endeavoring to get it published?

    Maybe I can help you by publishing it as an eBook.

    My website is www.digycat.com and I have the capability of producing an eye catching 3d page turning eBook.

    eBooks are becoming more and more popular and for the author it can enable you to earn more money than conventional print publishing.

    Your book would be produced using Desk Top Author software and published on their site which records between 65,000 and 80,000 downloads each week.

    Some of the major publishing houses are now using this software and producing eBooks and placing them on http://www.ebrochures.com for sale.

    Some of the publishing houses are:
    Harper Collins - Pleasure for Pleasure Downloaded 66800 times since Dec 06
    Hachette Book Group - Breaking Dawn Downloaded 55900 times since Aug 08
    Harper Collins - Lady Amelia’s Secret Lover Downloaded 34366 times since Sep 07
    Little Hare Books - Lucy Goosey Downloaded 2340 times since Feb 09
    Hachette Group - The Shack Downloaded 177 times since 2nd March 09
    Harper Collins - How to Make Love All Night Downloaded 18638 times since Oct 08

    Of course the downloads above do not show who actually paid for the eBook as all can be downloaded for free but you can only read a designated amount of the book before you have to pay to view the remainder.

    I am seeking one author who would like his or her work published at www.ebrochures.com

    I would produce their eBook for free though I would want the right to advertise my services in the eBook.

    If you are interested then please contact me at info@digycat.com Use the subject line “I want my eBook published”

    The following are a couple of my websites that may be worth looking at as they provide information on Book Marketing and Book Reviews:

    Book Marketing
    Book Reviews

    John Wheeler

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    Keith .

    Re: Have you written a book and endeavoring to get it published?

    Read your thread title again. 'Nuff said.

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