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    shylee crum

    teens writing for teens

    see im sixteen right now and i am writing my books and stories for teenagers arund my age. Some older writers do not think that i should be able to write for my own age group. They say that i could talk about stuff that does not need to be talked about, or what no one wants to hear. But my point of thinking is that i started to write because i had trouble finding books by lder authors that reaaly caught my attention. I know what teenage girls want to read more then my grandmother does.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: teens writing for teens

    There've been at least three attempts in recent years on WNet to form an online crit group for teenage writers. I have no idea what's become of any of them.

    However, you might want to check out these people:

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    Keith .

    Re: teens writing for teens

    It's great when the writing bug bites early. Best wishes, Shylee. But be aware that writers will take you more seriously when you proof before posting. Typos happen. You may find some in this reply, but reading your post makes my brain hurt. I realize most people don't worry about grammar on message boards, but writers do. Every time. Luck.

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