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    emmy pellot

    Young Writers Wanted

    Calling all young writers and aspiring journalists! Interested in pursuing a career in magazine and newspaper writing? Get a head start and write for Kiwibox.com, a website “built for teens by teens.”

    About us: Nine years ago Kiwibox was started with the hope of creating a web community driven by this youthful generation. Today, Kiwibox has grown into a hip online magazine that meets a modern social networking community full of fun, games, contests and forums. We stand out because the majority of our editorial content is written and contributed by our users - young writers ranging from high school students to college graduates.

    Come be a part of our interactive community. We are looking for writers with a range of interests – music, entertainment, fashion, health and environment. Get involved, give back, improve your portfolio and have fun meeting new people while you do it.

    Interested? Follow the steps bellow:

    1. Go to www.Kiwibox.com. Sign up under the “Become a Member” on the top left of the page.
    2. Surf around the site and get a feel for the content. If you are interested in getting some of your own work published in our weekly issue, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on “Write for Kiwibox.” This will send you to the “Kiwijobs” page.
    3. You will see several available job options. Click on “reporter” and/or “news teamer” and fill out the application. (Note: If the other job options interest you feel free to apply for them too!)
    4. After you fill it out, email Bianca@kiwibox.net with subject “Kiwibox Application.” Tell her your username and she will make sure it gets looked at ASAP.

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    Cathy C

    Re: Young Writers Wanted

    How are you set up as far as handling submissions from minors? Since you say "job" and since they can't legally enter into a contract, do you have their parent/legal guardian sign or are you, as a company, not actually paying them money (such as if you're merely a portal for a click-through company or such?)

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