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Thread: Tate Publishing

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    Eoin Lenihan

    Re: Tate Publishing

    I am so creeped out its not funny. I think I just saw Ricky and Ryan standing in the drizzle and gloom of my front garden. In Germany.

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    Nan Hammond

    Re: Tate Publishing

    Use the hose.

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    Lorelei Armstrong

    Re: Tate Publishing

    Always remember Yog's Law, AKA The First Law of Writing:

    Money Flows Toward the Writer.


    My publisher does not now, has never, nor will ever have my credit card number. Nor have they or will they ever see one of my checks. I see their checks. This, I call "the fun part."

    Being published in compliance with Yog's Law is worth the struggle. You didn't become a writer to bag groceries.

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    Cheyennea Webb

    Re: Tate Publishing

    You ain't getting my whopping 20 bucks.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Tate Publishing

    I gave my publisher my checking account number, so now my royalty checks are direct-deposited with no "lost in the mail" worries -- I'm lazy. But I'd never authorise withdrawals, & any throwaround copies I order are debited against my royalty income. (I also have first dibs on damaged copies for free.)

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    garry white

    Re: Tate Publishing

    There are three facts that seem to be missing in all these messages about Tate.

    First, has anyone check the Better Business Bureau? I have. For the past 3 years there have been no complaints. I check another self-publisher and it had 62 complaints in the past 3 years.

    Second, publishing a book is a financial risk! Traditional publishers, if they believe your book will sell, will carry the financial risk. With self-publishing, the author carries the financial risks. It appears that Tate is a partnership where both carry some financial risk. That is fair for unknown/first-time authors.

    Third, Tate focuses on religous/spiritual/inspirational content. Hence, a Christian company; just like a Christian bookstore (and there are many such stores).

    Garry White

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