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Thread: Tate Publishing

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    donna finch

    Tate Publishing

    Hey! I have a contract with Tate Publishing signed...the only thing I'm trying to find is the $4000.00....

    They did reject my collection of children's/teen's poems,(all rhyme, and I have a lot of them) but approved my book
    "From Russia With Laughter".....

    I'm doing everything I can to get the money...I've been looking for a new job now for about 2 months....even cleaning houses..bagging groceries..whatever...I'll get one. I'm looking everyday.

    Question: would a published author of Tate's be willing to contact me about the investment...if its refundable you'll get it back...OR I'll make sure you get it back anyway at all. My credit was good, but I lived on a cash basis for so long as a missionary in Russia I'm not "on the grid" now..so even credit card companies and my own bank can't help me with a loan. I don't have a house..I have a car.

    But..if there is anyone out there who is willing to help out a fellow author who has had a good experience with Tate, I'm willing to risk it...I don't like being in debt..but this is (I think) a good chance for me...

    Let me know...

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    Butterfly Kisses

    Re: Tate Publishing

    Donna...Donna...Donna. Depending on the underwriting of that contract, I would say that $4000 would better serve you for a lawyer to get out of that contract. Tate Publishing is a POD that claims they are servants of a higher power. Well, according to some other people I know, their higher power is not the same as yours I'm sure. In fact, a few friends of mine threw discombobulated manuscript and sent it to Tate. Tate accepted. When my friends told them what they did, Tate got really nasty with them. Let's just say they brought new meaning to God-fearing.

    You should get out if you can.


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    Cathy C

    Re: Tate Publishing

    I fear you won't find many people who have BOTH had a good experience with Tate AND still have money to invest in your book. I agree with Butterfly. You'll be better off to find a way to end the contract. There are a dozen companies who won't charge that kind of money, if you insist on self-publishing. Look at <http://www.Lulu.com>, where your investment will be only about $200, even if you choose one of the "expensive" packages.

    And they use the same wholesaler to get the books to market.

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    Ce Ce

    Re: Tate Publishing

    Run away.


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    larry moses

    Re: Tate Publishing

    I checked out lulu's site and can't understand what it is about. I hate all POD pubs. They make all the bloody money and you do all the hard work. You have to buy your own book. what a crock!

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    A.L. Sirois

    Re: Tate Publishing

    Donna. Run away. The outfit is a rip-off.

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    Re: Tate Publishing

    Am I correctly understanding that this writer is asking for donations?

    Please do some homework and educate yourself about the noose you're about to stick your neck into. You don't need money. You need information.

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    Jena Grace

    Re: Tate Publishing

    This has to be a joke.

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    Ryan Tate

    Re: Tate Publishing

    My name is Ryan Tate and I am the President of Tate Publishing in Oklahoma. I am going to try and visit these sites more often and make sure we can provide you with the answers to your questions. Donna, congratulations on the contract and we are excited about the opportunity to work and partner with you. Stacy has told me she thinks you are a fantastic author! Our contract is the most author friendly in the industry, it is also important to remember that the investment is returnable and the level of service, products and marketing you will receive is second to none. Our focus is to make your book a success and we work hard to help you and our publishing house achieve that goal. Last year we published just under 3.5% of the submission we received, so whether you sign or not, you are to be congratulated. If you or anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact our offices at (405)376-4900 or email us at info@tatepublishing.com. Also, check out our latest bestseller, "From Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks" it made it up to number 1 on Amazon.com and is being watched for the NY Times bestseller list!

    Thanks and let us know if we can help,

    Ryan Tate
    President, Tate Publishing

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    Ann Crispin

    Re: Tate Publishing

    A truly "author friendly" contract is one where the author is paid for his or her work, rather than paying 4000 bucks.

    I've looked and looked for Tate books on the shelves in bookstores. Including Christian bookstores. So far, I have not found a one. I've encountered AuthorHouse books, iUniverse books, and even a couple of PublishAmerica books. (Never in any great quantities, I add. But I have found a few, over the years.) But never a Tate book.

    When your book is sold only over the internet, and through special orders in bookstores, the chances of selling enough books to recoup a 4000 "investment" (in my old fashioned view, that wording is a semantic shell game...frankly, a payment is a payment) are extremely slim. I'd love to know how many Tate authors have received their 4000 dollar "investment" back.

    I realize I sound like an old curmudgeon, but I've heard from dozens of unhappy Tate authors over the years. They thought their books were going to be available on the shelves in bookstores and they weren't. They thought Tate would market their books the way commercial publishers market books, with ads and bound galleys, and they didn't. They believed that they would recoup their "investment" and they didn't -- nowhere near. Most reported to me that they sold at most a few dozen or possibly a hundred books...to friends and family.

    Are Tate books fully returnable? That makes a huge difference in whether bookstores will carry them on the shelves.

    Does Tate pay royalties based on net, or cover price? That also makes a huge difference in how much a writer can earn, or, in this case, recoup from what they've paid.

    To be fair, I've also communicated with perhaps a half dozen Tate authors who were very happy with the service they received, and who loved Tate and its "family." None of those authors, however, had ever earned enough to recoup their "investment."

    -Ann C. Crispin
    Chair, Writer Beware

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