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    Amarant Kenaston

    'SoulBound' Blog Available

    I've decided to make the best of my situation, and have started a blog dedicated to the 'SoulBound' Realm.

    Pretty much what I'm doing is posting short stories and teaser bits from the world(s) SoulBound takes place on/in/around. Few pieces will be vital to the main story (since those will all be in the book), but it offers an in-depth look at the characters, as well as the many events that take place all over the Realm. Hopefully this will give readers some insight into the nature of my story, and will attract those who would fall in love with the book.

    Fans of Fantasy and Science Fiction novels, and especially Japanese Anime (since so many people have told me my book reads and feels like an Anime, whatever that means), should check it out at www.myspace.com/soulboundtrilogy.

    Even if you have no intent of ever purchasing the book, feel free to read the stories posted. I hope to have almost every aspect of the SoulBound world available before long, hopefully this will attract potential fans.

    As of now, I only have two stories posted. Be assured, more are coming! Also, if the book actually kicks off, I'll begin accepting requests from readers as to what story they want to hear.

    If you like the stories, all I ask is that you try to lead others of similar taste to the blog, so that they may enjoy it as well.


    P.S. The blog is open to everybody, whether you have a MySpace account or not. If you do and would like to add me, feel free to do so.

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    Shunta Montgomery

    Re: 'SoulBound' Blog Available

    Marketing is a good idea Amarant. Online marketing is an especially good tool becaue so many people are doing their shopping and their research online now. I know, I work for a marketing company and we focus on online marketing so I get to read all the research on the new age of selling products. Your blog is a good start. Just make sure people know about and can find it. After all, what good is a blog if nobody knows it's there?

    Good luck with your book.


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    Re: 'SoulBound' Blog Available

    a href="long address">what you want to appear</a

    with the pointy brackets on each end < >

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