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    Jessica Peterson

    (TWC) The Writers Club

    Hi all. Just writing to spread the word conserning the writers club. In so many words, they allow you to become a member or a fellow of their club and to publish your writings within the club. From what i've seen till now, its free. Its something different cause with the membership they give you, you can read and be read, vote and be voted upon, so you actualy get a ranking amongst other things. Oh and they have writing contests, best prizes i've found on the net up to now. Overall a very good place to get noticed.

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    Jessica Peterson

    Re: (TWC) The Writers Club

    Sorry forgot to write down the web address.


    oh well :P

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    Laura Never

    Re: (TWC) The Writers Club

    hmm I generally don't trust anything that seems too good to be true because they usually are. Their contests charge a 5 dollar fee..how convenient for them. I find the best contests to take part in are contests at universities, other than that I prefer to submit to magazines..what prize would be better than publication?

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