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    Aaron Greenspan

    New Self-Published On-Line Book


    If people are at all interested, I got fed up with literary agents, so I published my book myself on-line. It's about education, Harvard, technology and entrepreneurship. You can read it at:


    There's a message board on the site, so feel free to leave feedback.



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    Richard .

    Re: New Self-Published On-Line Book

    I admire you, sir. I have a book floating around in cyberspace. You can call it by putting "Crippled Lion" and "Fulgham" into google search. Read it in HTML if you're interest. I'm going to read yours.

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    M. Saunders

    Re: New Self-Published On-Line Book


    I'm surprised you were unable to find representation or a traditional publisher for your book. What you have there is quite impressive and I wish you the best of luck with it, but in the future, remember that patience is extremely important--especially if you have something that fits nicely into a niche market while maintaining some degree of wide commerical appeal. Learning disablities and alternate learning styles within the context of the college classroom are still a hot topic but too many tend to take an over-generalized approach and fall short of expectations--as I'm sure you know (if you researched your subject before taking the plunge)

    I must also say that the presentation on your website is excellent and is heads above some of the self-promotional sites I've viewed in the past few months.

    Self-publishing can be an invaluable tool for new authors, but it can also allow far too many talented young people to take the "easy way out" and avoid the potential (nay, the certainty) of rejection and requests for changes. I must admit that I get a little disenchanted with the POD system when I see authors who could have had far greater sales if they had just been patient.

    Anyway, good luck with the book. With the right amount of niche-market PR footwork I'm sure you'll generate some returns for your work.


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    Aaron Greenspan

    Re: New Self-Published On-Line Book

    Ms. Saunders,

    Thanks for your feedback. While you're certainly correct that patience is a virtue, I decided to go the on-line route after seven months of exchanges with literary agents of whom about 60% were completely non-responsive, 20% apathetic, and 10% outright rude. I was not certainly impressed, nor encouraged to go back for more, when certain agents saw fit to provide negative feedback on my book, which happens to be about my life, without ever having seen the manuscript.

    If the game simply involved waiting for the right agent to reply, it would be much easier, but most agents simply don't, even when a yes/no answer would take mere seconds. I should add that I complied with several agents' suggestions for changes, cutting about a third of the book before I put it on-line.

    The feedback from readers, on the other hand, has been anything but negative. Several have asked if they can purchase the book in print, and so I'm still looking for an agent--I'm just hoping the web site will attract the right one.


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