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    Simon Says

    Re: POD as "Just Deserts"

    Tara -

    Please don't pull out the quantum physics crap. People here are talking about getting published want a tangible book, they want to get published on this planet at a time based on Greenwich Mean Time. Perhaps on some alternate plane POD publishing is the holy grail of achievement. But here, it is what it is.

    Incidentally I'm still waiting for you to contribute something, anything besides than your own negative opinion of others.

    While you may not judge others for choosing POD, it appears you certainly do judge others. And judge others and judge others. You don't agree with MY opinions so you call me names. And apparently you think that I am wrong because I do not see truth and facts the way you do. And you seem to feel the need to tell me I'm wrong and tell me I'm wrong and tell me I'm wrong. Not to mention show just how right you are.

    Once again, you are what you accuse me of being. How ironic, how hyopcritical. Tara you lose the moral high ground when you exhibit the behavior that you have come here to condemn.

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: POD as "Just Deserts"

    Ever notice how such "quantum physics" arguments are identical to the "clap for Tinkerbell" & "think good thoughts" models?

    If you buy a Powerball ticket every day, you'll be wealthy ($100,000 maybe) long before you sell a thousand copies of your "self-pub" vanity press book. And the lottery will probably cost you less cash.

    You can have an opinion. You can have an opinion that if you step in front of a speeding City Transit bus that you won't be injured. It becomes irresponsible when you start encouraging other people to do it with assurances of your "informed" opinion.

    Y'all can go argue against gravity. Then jump off a cliff. I certainly know enough physics to know there is indeed a mathematical probability that (per Brownian motion) all the air could suddenly rush inward beneath you & buoy you safely to the ground. It could indeed happen! -- in this Universe, with no changes to current physical laws.

    I simply wouldn't bet on it happening, for you, right at that exact moment.

    And that's pretty much how vanity publishing functions: it might work in theory & maybe once for every million titles.

    And the suckers flock near to buy the snake-oil, on the basis of that one (probably imaginary) success.

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    Randall Fields

    A harmless challenge-POD'ers vs. Commercializers

    Guliver and other haters out there

    I have never seen any of you put any contribution on this website but negative and sarcastic criticisms. Right now I ask you to put up or shut up. I put up some of my pieces of literature against yours on this forum and lets get an unbiased audience to judge who are the fool, failure, and whining idiots that some of you think we are. I challange you. Us vs. You. Self publishers vs. The Commercializers. Let's have a real contest. Or do you think that you are too good for this competition? I have never seen any of you give any work to be critiqued. So put your nads on the line. You don't even have to put any of your copywrited stuff on here. Just take a day to make up a two or three page story and let the audience decide who's the loser and who's the man, who's the narcissist and who's the person of inspiration. If I am as bad as you say I am I will lose in the first day(due to grammatical and careless errors of past tense). I call all POD'ers to put in some work to be critiqued. Commercializers accept the challenge I DARE YOU TO!

    "My experience & observation is that you're a fool, & will fail, & will spend the rest of your life whining about how everyone's out to keep you down." as said by Ravencroft of who I am(representative of most self publishers).

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    Randall Fields

    Julie-my point exactly

    Author: julie sinclair (---.ontrca.adelphia.net)
    Date: 05-16-06 00:31

    Giving criticism is an art. It\\\'s not about being \\\"nice\\\". It\\\'s about actually taking the time to really be \\\"constructive\\\" (this isn\\\'t addressed to Simon Says or to Anthony, as neither of you seem the least bit interested in actually helping any POD writer to improve.


    If the EMPHASIS of your posts was on constructive criticism, why wait until your THIRD POST IN THIS THREAD to get to ANY of it?

    Randal wanted to know if his writing had a unique voice. Your answer, apparently, is actually \\\"Yes\\\", though one wouldn\\\'t know that for quite a while.

    Why not start with the following comment--instead of all the garbage posts before it?

    Why not start with....

    \\\"Randal, Yes, it does look like a good story. (However) I had to keep going back to reread parts because it\\\'s difficult to follow - wrong tense, wrong word, poor grammar. I couldn\\\'t possibly get through an entire book like that.

    I think a good editing would really make (your) work stand out above the rest...I don\\\'t now much about agents, but it\\\'s better than most of the story lines I\\\'ve seen by wanna-be self-publishers, so maybe if it\\\'s edited (you) should give it a try and get an agent!\\\"

    Now THAT is a valuable comment--as well being responsive to what he asked. Instead of starting with that, why start with the negativity and hostility? Why turn him off so completely with all the OTHER remarks before getting to something valuable?

    After the tone of your first post or two, who would keep reading to get to something genuinely WORTHWHILE?\\\"

    Thank you Sinclair! Need I say more?

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