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    Randall Fields

    I feel like @!#$-Motivation for all you POD'ers and self publishers

    It seems like so many people on here really hate POD=publish on Demand. I think it really is a great concept and idea for the starving artist. So many people on here have been kind of putting me down because I am choosing to self publish. I never liked waiting, waiting for other people to accept your work. Tupac wasn't so hot until he died. 50 cent had to get shot nine times before he became a movie star. Before that he was dropped from his recoord label because they said his speaking was not clear(because he got shot in the mouth). Another girl wrote a book called Confessions of a Video vixen; talking about how she gave blow jobs to people like Shaq and Bobby Brown. So when people put me down about going to self publish I say Fizzuck U. A woman who writes about giving blow jobs to superstars can sell 30'000 copies in three days. So my self published book has a few grammatical errors, but the substance is good. So all of you people on here telling me I need to wait and its cheating the readers I want to say SHUT THE HELL UP! You sit there and wait forever. Try putting your work up against the latest scandal. I self publish because I want it in print. It's the book version of hip-hop underground. I'm gonna make it I know I am. Go ahead and wait for that agent who doesn't give a damn about you to say yes. Go kiss some ass. I tell you one thing, I never liked kissing people's asses and I never will until I see them waiving a million dollar check in my face. Look at people like 50 cent for motivation. When Commercialism told him no he had to hustle to get his. He had to get shot 9 times!!!! To become commercial. Do you want to sacrifice your life to become famous?...Commmerially? To hell with Commercial...I don't need it. Think about it you all. All you self publishers out there keep on doing what you are doing. J.K. Rawlings wasn't great she was just lucky and there at the right time. Make your right time happen by doing your own thing. HAIL TO ALL SELF PUBLISHERS AND POD'ers. I LOVE YOU ALL. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! AN ACTION IS CAUSED BY A REACTION....remember that.

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    Noel Hodda

    Re: I feel like @!#$-Motivation for all you POD'ers and self publishers

    What problem can there be with POD? If you've been knocked back x-thousand times or just once or never, it's a free world (in the lucky places), so go ahead - get your ideas out there. In the music business it is seen as enterprising to record your own cd and then flog it at gigs etc. Some of these are then picked up by mainstream music houses (James Blunt for example I believe - now a million seller). In theatre, the self-made show is celebrated and again, sometimes picked up by mainstream or festival producers. Why should it be any different for writers?
    Forgive me if I've got the wrong end of the stick - I'm new to the thread.

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    Simon Says

    Re: I feel like @!#$-Motivation for all you POD'ers and self publishers

    Well it certainly won't solve Randall's problem of being a starving artist. The average POD book sells less than one hundred copies. POD's often pay royalties on the net not the cover price. But even if they were to pay royalites on the cover price of their often overpriced trade paperback books - you'd be looking at 200 and change in royalties.

    Also Tupac may have been hotter after he died - but he was certainly living fairly large when he died. He had an awful lot of bling - and even I - a white middle class rocker chick was familiar with him.

    And even if he had found success after his death - if he'd released his own cd's through his own little web site and played a handful of local clubs - no one would have discovered him after he died either.

    So don't kid yourself about money.

    Yes Randall you have owned up to the truth - you are choosing POD because your goal is to be in print. Because you don't want to deal with rejection and because I sense you don't want to take the time to make your book professional - which leads me to believe that you really don't respect your reader.

    And that is my main gripe with the majority of POD authors. They don't respect their reader - they don't do the rewrites and the revisions and take the time to make their book the best it can be. They take the easy way out and stick the reading public with a piece crap. The only saving grace is that most of the reading public doesn't know that most POD titles exist - so few waste their time and money. Of course there are exceptions - but those exceptions are few and far between.

    Most first novels aren't good enough to be published. I'll repeat that most first novels aren't good enough to be pubished. And rather than work to get good enough and hold off publishing untilt the writing is good enough POD authors let their own need to be published override what is in the best interest of the reader.

    Commercial publishing does not lead to fame and fortune for most - but it does afford one the opporutnity to get their work out their to the masses. Having a book printed is not the same thing as having it on the bookstore shelves. POD books don't get on the shelves. Because of this and average of only a hundred copies per title are sold. The average royalty advance for a commercially published novel is in the thousands of dollars.

    It's important for writers to understand this - otherwise they may think POD is a viable option - when it really won't serve their goals or needs at all. POD authors are so anxious to feel like they are published that they often twist the facts and raise the expectations of the uninformed.

    So I will not shut the F up, Randall. Not until POD writers start putting their readers before their own egos and are straight about the facts to other writers who want to be in print.

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    julie sinclair

    It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...

    Randall, I'm all for POD, too. But I think, if one ignores the "POD books are just junk!" feelings, there are good caveats about it around here.

    To me, the best of the negatives I've read boil down to:

    *Be careful how you choose to POD/self-publish--i.e. be sure you're going to be getting the product published that you are paying a POD company for; Booksandtales.com has been recommended. for comparison.

    *Have realistic goals (i.e. be realistic about your likely audience, how you'll reach them, how many sales are likely, etc);

    *Understand the cost. In most instances, it's probably not realistic to expect your first POD to be a money-maker for you (unless you have a ready-made audience);

    *Don't expect to get the same respect as an author that traditionally published writers do--you won't;

    *Be exacting about the quality of your work--POD books are likely to be easily distinguishable in appearance...quality of writing...editing/content...from professionally published books unless the author makes an effort to be very knowledgable about--and to rigorously emphasize quality (even paying extra for it, when necessary)--every step of the process.

    *Understand all of the steps involved from manuscript to sale before you start, and have a clear idea of everything that's going to be needed (in money, time, other people, etc.) along the way. Booksjustbooks might help with that.

    Some of the anti-POD feelings here are over-the-top. But many of the cautions seem well-intended and are things that I wish I'd thought more about before sending my ms. to Author House.

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    Re: It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...

    Jeez, buddy. Do what you want and quit bitching about it.

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    Randall Fields

    Re: It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...

    Who are you to say what's crap?? You are the one looking for fame and fortune. I'm not. I'm just tired of hearing all of this bull**** about POD or self publishing. If you don't like it, fine. Don't do it yourself, but don't sit up here and start acting high and mighty like your writing the next Stephen King best seller. I have a niche market. I've got a website, I've got posters, I've got radio time. And I have four other books in the works if this one flops. So don't talk to me about how I'm cheating the reader because I can't accept rejection. In my opinon your whole writing career shouldn't revolve around a query letter. I 've wasted 4 years this way and it's boring. I want to get on with it. Because I've been revising, revising revising. Fate says it's been revised enough That's how a commercialized world works. You suck a superstars dwick and you can get published, You teach me how to get and bang a japanese girl you can sell. You kill a whole of people you get published. There are different types of readers for different types of writers. Simon You don't know me so don't judge me or my writing. I have yet to judge anyone in here and I feel you should show some of us the proper respect. Don't treat us like we don't know what we are doing. Some of us do.

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    Randall Fields

    Re: It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...

    Go to hell Lesle you f**king arrogant prick!

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...

    I wouldn't use "arrogant" too freely without having a good mirror handy.

    You probably have good intentions.

    You may even have some nascent talent.

    You're too lazy to work at it. You want superstardom, & you want it delivered in a silver tray by next week.

    Go for it.

    My experience & observation is that you're a fool, & will fail, & will spend the rest of your life whining about how everyone's out to keep you down.

    Bad enough you're lazy & have the attention-span of a gnat. Worse, you're at this point incapable of dealing with a world that doesn't deliver fortue to your feet.

    Your voice, which might have inspired others, will fall to less than nothing, until all you have is your self-pitying whimpers.

    Fine. Everyone has a right to their own foolishness, as well as to the consequences of their choices.

    This has nothing to do with self-publishing. It has everything to do with the inability to even consider the reality of criticism, of the fact that you know very little & are unwilling to improve that state.

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    Catherine S

    Re: It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...

    It's the book version of hip-hop underground. I'm gonna make it I know I am./L

    LOL. I hope you do. But people who are making it aren't cussing and swearing to a few dozen people on some website.

    And who cares about typos in a book? Well, it's YOUR image...look like an idiot if you want....errors of any kind disrupt the reader's flow and momentum, so that message you think is so important is being lost. Also, I have returned books that have not been edited and I sure as heck make sure I tell Amazon readers the book is not edited properly. And if you can't be bothered running spell check, why assume you've bothered dong proper research. Lazy is as lazy does.

    Just go away, prove us wrong. Why is what we think of any importance to you? You're just some angry, abusive, anonymous poster in a chat room. We're not wasting a lot of time thinking about YOU.

    Talking about the next S. King...the next S. King isn't on writers.net freaking out like some spoiled child who thinks the world owes him recognition and he doesn't even need to earn it...LOL

    Quality means nothing to you and as far as I'm concerned, you're a great example of what is wrong with self-publishing. Thanks. Couldn't have explained it any better.

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    Simon Says

    Re: It's Smart to Know EXACTLY What You're Getting Into, Though...


    Fate (whoever that may be) says it's been revised enough - but Mr. Grammar, Mr. puncutation and Mr. creative writer obviously feel it needs more work. Every last person who replied to your request for feedback on excerpt said it need some editing, revising, etc.

    You have just illustrated my point very nicely. NO. RESPECT. FOR YOUR READER.

    Talk about ego. You are so anxious to feed your ego and get your work into print you don't care if it makes sense to the reader.

    This is not about writing a bestseller it's about being lazy and egotisitical and thinking that what you have to say is so worth hearing that you don't need to make it good or even decent.

    Catherine's right - quality obviously means nothing to you.

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