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    Ed Williams III

    "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    If you're a former PA author, and would really like for PA to know just how unhappy you are with them? Here's a way to do it, and Sootie and I need to thank C. J. Wilkes for the idea.

    All of you who are familiar with PA know that they tout the fact that they have "17,000 happy authors" (or whatever the number is, it seems to fluctuate like the stock market). Well, maybe it's time to offer tangible proof that they don't. What we're going to do is start a petition at our site:


    ...with the following information on it:

    Author Name Book Title ISBN Number

    We are going to put whatever information we gather all into one post. When we have a significant number of names to prove PA wrong (I think we need at least a couple of thousand to make an impact), we'll do the following:

    1. Prominently post it at our site.

    2. Send it or post it up at every other prominent professional writing site who will agree to post it.

    3. Send it directly to every PA employee whose email address we can obtain.

    4. Send it to appropriate media contacts.

    Now, all you current and former PA authors, here's how you can help. Email either Sootie (loness(at)allstream.net) or myself (ed3@ed-williams.com) with your name, book's title, and ISBN number and we'll add it to a post set up for that purpose, and hopefully watch it grow. You can also add a post here in this thread and we'll add the info to the main post. You don't have to be or become a member of this site to add your name, just email us with the info. This is worth a shot, if enough people add their information it would definitely prove to the world that PA is lying about their legions of happy authors....

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    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    I like the name "Sootie." I wonder where in my WIP I can use it.

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    Ann Crispin

    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    I would also suggest sending a hardccopy of the Petition (provided you can get at least 1000 signatures) to the following:

    1. Congressman Steny Hoyer (D) of Maryland, and the Congressman who represents Frederick, MD, whose name escapes me at the moment, but is easily located.

    2. The FBI Field Office located in Frederick, MD. and to the FBI Office in Baltimore, MD.

    3. The Frederick Police Dept. white collar crime unit.

    4. Joseph Curran, the Attorney General of Maryland.

    5. Robert Ehrlich, Jr. the Governor of Maryland.

    6. The Federal Trade Commission.

    7. The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Fraud Dept. (if people are mentioning suspected underpayment of royalties).

    8. The Mayor of Frederick, MD.

    9. Jerry Duncan of the Better Business Bureau in Baltimore, MD. (I have his address.)

    Media entities that have followed the PA story so far include: The Washington Post (Paula Span), and the Associate Press's Hillel Italie. There was also Tara Buck at the Frederick local paper.

    I have many of these addresses, and most of them have been posted on Absolute Write. Let me know if you need me to furnish them.

    -Ann C. Crispin

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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    "I know how we can improve your image, Premier Stalin -- we'll go out to the communal farms & ask them their honest opinions of the latest Five-Year Plan."

    In similar manner, PA's made it clear that they'll threaten & intimidate any who don't agree with the party line -- anyone else wonder whether the 17,000 come from 65,000 paying customers? I guess every doctor has 100% success if they're allowed to overlook the ones who don't improve!

    Since PA supposedly installed their $5,000 fine to "squeaky wheels" -- I dunno, Ive not researched it myself -- you should make sure that you have a lawyer standing by, especially one who in profile resembles a large shark. PA might try to quash this show of dissent both by levying that fine on each signatory & suing the organisers for criminal conspiracy in restraint of interstate trade.

    And if they so much as twitch, you want to respond with someone who'll sue them blue in a very jolly manner.

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    Ann Crispin

    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    I wish to hell PublishAmerica WOULD try and sue me (or Writer Beware) or threaten to put us in jail. They've not dared to threaten Writer Beware in a very long time.

    Bring it on, PA.

    -Ann C. Crispin
    Chair, Writer Beware

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    Jo Scott

    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    The 5 K fine is in new contracts for when authors want their books back from PA. It is a new scam hidden in the old way...get your book back but still be on contract and be intimidated.

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    Robert Raven

    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    I'm not a lawyer, but I can't imagine that $5K fine crap would actually stand up in court. I think it's there purely as an intimidation tactic.

    On the other hand, anybody dumb enough to sign such a contract might deserve intimidation.


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    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    Hmmm..., PA suing 17,000 authors. Sort of a class action in reverse?

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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: "The 17,000 Happy PA Author's Petition"

    It's becoming more and more possible in my mind that the boys at PA have other interests in the "business" world. You know, olive oil importing, cheese monopolies to pizza parlors, run-down bars fronting dice and card games. Things like that. Their methods border on extortion. Makes me wonder which judges would hear any cases brought to them by PA.

    Too far out? Not any more.

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