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    T.A. Finnegan

    Looking for an agent.

    I'm not a published author but looking for someone who knows something about outdoor writing to send some stories I've been working on.


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    Mya Bell

    Re: Looking for an agent.

    If you are looking for paying markets, I suggest you find out which outdoor-oriented magazines publish stories like yours.

    If this is purely creative fiction, there are nonpaying literary markets that jury the work and then print it, if it is selected.

    I assume you're talking about short fiction, but your post didn't provide enough information to help you any more than that.

    --- Mya Bell

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    Carol Kluz

    Re: Looking for an agent.

    Hi T.A.,
    Go to <http://www.carolkluz.homestead.com/index1.html> Scroll down and click on WebDelSol. The one just below it is an excellent directory of literary journals and e-zines.
    Good luck,

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