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    Kyla Marden-Steinkraus

    good self-publishers for coffee table book

    Hi, I am wondering if any of you can recommend self-publishers who provide high quality printing for a book of full-color photographs. This is a promotional book for a non-profit organization that provides food, shelter, and education to destitute children around the world. Thanks! -Kyla

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    Robert Stephenson

    Re: good self-publishers for coffee table book

    I researched this for a client once and full colour books are hellishly expensive.

    If looking at digital - don't, it hasd at least a $40 per book charge.

    You would be wanting to run off at least 3000 copies to make the books price at least affordable.

    I suggest you locate your local printer and talk about full colout offset printing on semi-gloss/matt paper hardbound (expensive but you can negotiate well on this) in a size that isn't outside of standard paper sizes.

    If you need the book layed out - hell, I can do that, I run all the publishing software and layout books for Altair Australia and soon Magellan Books. As I am in Australia the US dollar is stronger so you would probably get more for your money.

    You have a two step process and don't let the printer do the first step, they charge top dollar and you can get layouts done cheaper.


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