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    TalkingBlack Magazine


    TalkingBlack Magazine is an online publication that explores a broad range of topics relevant to today's twenty-something, up-and-coming Black men and women. The editorial content of the magazine comes in the form of true stories, essays, anecdotes, and other pieces written by Black people for Black people. Created on the belief that every young Black person has a story to tell, TalkingBlack serves as a medium through which readers can share the insights and perspectives they have gained through their diverse as well as similar experiences. TalkingBlack also serves as a needed "microphone" for voices not always represented in the mainstream media.

    The goal of the magazine is to feature written word that will entertain, inform, inspire, and provoke.

    TalkingBlack Magazine is always on the lookout for fresh material to publish.

    The magazine welcomes interesting writing submissions from Black men and women in their 20's who have something to say on the following topics:

    the Black race; Black sisterhood; Black brotherhood; the Black family; Blacks in entertainment, the arts, the media, politics, and popular culture; education and careers; our bodies and health; Black beauty; relationships; Black men on Black women; Black women on Black men; Black history

    The magazine also welcomes submissions from Black men and women over the age of 29 who have helpful words of wisdom they would like to share with readers of the magazine.

    The magazine does not solicit fiction or poetry submissions.

    Whether it's in the form of a true story, essay, anecdote, or whatever form of writing into which you manage to compose your thoughts, the magazine is interested in receiving your submissions, if they are relevant to our audience. By no means do you need to be a professional writer or have previous publishing experience to submit--just good, solid writing skills and relevant ideas.

    Check out the magazine at http://www.talkingblack.net as well as the page on contributing at http://www.talkingblack.net/talkingb...azine.txt.html

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    Genia Stevens



    I just checked your website and the first edition isn't online yet. I was wondering when it would be running. Are you still looking at completing the project?

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