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    Clarissa Anderson

    Re: Moderator

    Well Hi everybody, I am new to this board. I thought writing can be hard work. LOL... I love it though. Let's sort out this "problem" we seem to be having on this board.

    OK... I would like to spend my reading and querying time here on this Discussion Board constructively.

    So my first question to everybody is: How do I get my book self-published? Does it cost too much?

    And oh, another question do you all seem to get this "look" when you answer people and say: "Well I work full time as a.... and part time I am a writer."? Please help. I am proud to say that I write Poems, almost finish my first novel (first draft) and about to submit an article (still have to trim the fat)and hope to be a full time writer someday.

    Your views will be appreciated.

    From: Clarissa (call me Claire - all my friends do!)

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    Re: Moderator


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