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    A.J. Horner

    Where is the moderator?

    During the last 24 hours, people who came to this board have been subjected to two rather undignified postings. One person was given an obscene finger gesture of the most disgusting variety and another was told to do some type of acrobatic sexual act on a rotating pastry. Once again demonstrating a total lack of class and a remarkable inability to debate in a fair and honest way, the author of these posts has been Publius2, who sometimes admits to being Mark Andrew York.

    Add the above behavior to Mr. York's constant vilification of entire groups of people; e.g. ordained ministers, women, midwesterners, etc. and I must wonder why it is that the moderator of this board has not stepped in and banned him again. Indeed, what kind of board is this that decent people who wish to share agreements, disagreements, advice and counsel must put up with this man.

    I would certainly appreciate a response from the moderator.

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    A.J. Horner

    Re: Where is the moderator?

    Same old line Marky. PA has an army of shills, all out to get you. Why do you say you can't be here to defend yourself? You're always on the defensive, albeit quite ineffectively. I'll wait for you to make good on your promise.

    I'd still like to hear from the moderator.

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    Re: Where is the moderator?

    A.J. - Thank you for this post. This is supposed to be a forum of information, discussions about writing, a place where people can share their pros and cons or ask questions. The behavior of many people here only decrease the value of this forum. I am worried that many sincere writers are going to start avoiding this board because anyone jumping in to voice their opinion gets attacked. Just asking a question here brings on hateful and nasty attacks - why? We are just trying to learn and share and bring some sincere opinions to the table. I think if someone jumped on here and told everyone that they just got a contract with a big press that they would be attacked even for that - "A big press? They are just a bunch of scammers!!! What a sucker you are for going to a big press, man!!!!" Come on people, let's grow up and have some healthy arguments. Let's strongly disagree or strongly make our points if we have to, but let's be a little more mature about it - please?

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    Just Me

    Re: Where is the moderator?

    Well, it's not illegal, immoral or fattening to publish your own book. Some people have good reasons to do so. One project I just worked on was for a very small niche market that no larger publisher would look at, but the 1000 sales certainly pleased the author and beat working a part-time job outside the home. I also work with a fair number of profs teaching at all levels of community schools and universities and they simply put their curriculum into a book and sell it to a captive market. Makes good business sense to me.

    Sometimes the books are really bad, but the person really wants to publish and it's basically no one's business what they do with their money.

    The authors are all over 18. If they fall for some company's "get rich quick" scheme, that again, is their own business and they'll learn from their mistakes.

    I don't think freaking out on people is doing anything more productive than raising your blood pressure.

    Just My Opinion

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    Re: Where is the moderator?

    I don't believe that there really is a moderator for these boards, or they would have stepped in long ago. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I firmly hold to the belief that some should be kept to themselves, or at least wait until the next meeting of the rascist "furriner" haters club!
    I also agree with Brent's statement that sincere writers may begin to avoid these boards because of the behavior of Publius. (or whatever his name is this time) I know that I have started to, or at least ignore his posts, skipping over to them in search of helpful information regarding the craft. I think that Publius is actually hurting Writers.net more than PA with his behavior on here. I, for one, will just sign up for the workshops and maybe pop in here once in awhile.
    With the hope that this site begins to protect themselves, I leave you with these words of wisdom; If it quacks like a York...

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    Re: Where is the moderator?

    Mark has been "banned" here before but banning on Writersnet is rather a light-hearted thing and never lasts very long. It depends pretty heavily on the honor system where the banned person just goes away -- but, well, the honor system works best when dealing with someone with some sense of honor, rather than someone willing to adopt new names, lie about who they are, and return to the same behavior. It's a little funny to deal with someone who sees himself as a champion of truth but flies the flag of lying in every post.

    Right now, I think the moderators are pretty happy that this little feller has only ruined one forum of the entire board. Sure, this forum is now rendered useless for its stated purpose, but as the moderator has stated in the past, this board is only one small aspect of his job and not considered a priority. It doesn't generate money for the company -- so moderating it is pretty low priority.

    Basically, you would be best served to find a forum where open discussion of "other ways in print" really is fostered -- it isn't going to happen here. Here, folks who sidetrack, attack, and slam are pretty much left alone as long as most of the members can ignore them. The moderator tells us that he expects us to moderate the board by talking around people like this little feller and not actually responding to them or anything they say.

    However, once you do get fed up with this forum, it might be worth checking in now and again because as soon as everyone gives up on this forum and Mark has no one to insult and lie at, he'll move on to spread his racist, sexist, anti-religion arguments to other forums where more members will complain, because although his pro-form-your-own-company-and-self-publish-with-off-set printing and pro big publishing house/anti-everything else is his favorite soapbox, he actually has several other soapboxes stashed. Eliminating any discussion of alternate publishing would hardly eliminate this little feller's store of inflamatory posts and when he insults enough folks, suddenly, he really will be "banned" again for a while and you'll be able to come back here and talk about "other ways in print" for a little while, anyway.

    But, in the end, that "honor system" banning thing will come into play and we've seen how far it works to depend upon the honor and integrity of folks like this little feller.


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    Hamish (WritersNet)

    Here is the moderator

    As it is now clear that Publius 2 is, indeed, Mr York, I will take steps to restrict his access.

    I am not going to restate the limitations we work with here.

    Bottom line: this is a free public access site. We cannot watch it 24/7 so participants have to play a part in keeping the peace. How? Ignoring the troublemakers makes it very difficult for them to cause trouble.

    With respect to banning/blocking access, its effectiveness is limited to people who won't go as far as to change ISP or IP address. People willing to take these steps and assume a new board identity will slip through the net. But, with two notable exceptions, most people who can't comply with our terms and conditions disappear when banned. Some people are simply desperate to be heard here...

    The site is not perfect. It is what people make of it. No apologies.


    I have no problem with your characterisation of the situation here. And you are entitled to your views of that situation's merits or lack thereof. But, please, don't presume to know what I am happy or unhappy about.


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    James C. Harwood

    Re: Moderator

    Clearly, the moderator is correct in that the best thing to do is to ignore those kinds of postings that personally attack people instead of addressing the issues. After my initial reaction, I tried to be diplomatic and reach out to the particular person of concern, [especially after learning more about who he is or might be based on information at his website if it is him], but that proved to not be effective. I'm in agreement with those who have expressed their concern about the postings making personal attacks. However, I'm opposed to most forms of censorship, and I believe banning should be reserved for only the most serious situations, like someone making threats. Bad-mouthing and name-calling is not a threat, however offensive it might be. It is sometimes necessary to take the bad with the good. And there have been times, when the individual of concern, and others like him, all bad-mouthing and differences aside, have made good contributions to this and other forums here at WritersNet. If they are banned, then we would miss out on usable information they might provide in the future.

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Moderator

    The moderator is only now clear that Publius2 and Mark York are the same person? *wow*

    Great perspective on this, as usual, Granny.

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    Re: Moderator


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