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    Mark York

    Re: Time Out...

    Hi FM ST. George in Canada.

    "so every PA author hates you; the majority of posters are PA plants."

    Incorrect generalization. Most are just in denial of their publishing position. Are you saying no one followed me here to argue on? That's seems to be refuted by the posters. Hi C. James, Mikey et al.

    Ms. Nantus, accusing me of beliveing in myths is 180 degrees off the mark. I'd look inward if I were you. I filed the FTC complaint against PA remember? There is no conspiracy on my part. It's real and fact-based. Again, writer beware has backed me up here and elswhere. Why don't you ask Ms. Crispin instead of other PA authors?

    I think you are the one who needs to takes steps back, read the transcripts. You're new to the debate.

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    Re: Time Out...


    Last time I checked, my personal bibliograpy listed 3 nonfiction books, a chapter in a fourth, 9 articles in professional journals, 4 articles in consumer magazines,an essay in the op ed section of a major metropolitan newspaper, and two children's poems. I earned my Ph.D. at age 27, and the students and faculty at my university (32 years service) have granted me the distinguished faculty award for teaching and publishing three times. That it's "obvious" to you I am not a writer would seem to be a rather weak rebuttal on your part.

    Yes, you've made your resume a public record; however, the only thing that cannot be disputed is your sophomoric writing ability. Even you admitted to the mistakes; of course, you had to blame it on Amazon.

    Speaking of Amazon, I'm not certain that being listed there has much to do with one's writing ability; nevertheless, one must wonder how you know I'm not listed,
    since you don't even know my last name.

    I apologize for going back on my word to the good people who post here, but being a PA plant who is part of a vast right wing conspiracy out to get Marky, I felt it my duty.

    And finally, given your knowledge of experimental design, here's a hypothesis I'm going to test: Against a Strong Current has sufficient errors to render it unpublishable by all companies other than vanity presses. I will read your book, even buy it if I have to, and edit it for you. Do you want me to post the results or shall I mail them to you?

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    Hamish (WritersNet)

    The End of the Thread

    We are not achieving anything here folks.

    Let's move on.


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    Mark York

    Re: Time Out...


    To bring you up to speed I've been on this PA story since Sept 2002 when I threw "Alaska Tales" at Publish America and they could do nothing with it save double the price and kidknap the rights for 7 years. Office staff have done exactly what I claim more than once. "Robert" isn't much to go on. Make your record public and we'll talk. My Xlibris book never went to traditional publishers; it went straight to the experimental POD model at the time in 2000.

    It's a memoir, very tough to sell those from obscurity. I don't know what your background is but I'll pit my knowledge and credentials in conservation biology against yours any day. Pick the time and place. Buy the book if you want, and e-mail the assessment to me, since you have a desire to discredit me. Better yet, review it at Amazon, or both. Don't attack me for the hell of it. I'm dealing with a contoversal complaint against an unscrupulous publisher. That comes with baggage. You walked into that.

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    Hamish (WritersNet)

    Re: The End of the Thread

    Spelling it out, so I don't have to remove any more posts: "This thread is closed. No more posts, please."


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    Emily Dickenson

    Re: The End of the Thread

    I see nothing but a forum of conservative, technologically challenged old ladies. You all are angered by the fact that your dreams of a traditional publisher taking your work and making you rich and famous didn't work out as planned, despite your effort and perhaps out of pocket expense. Now that the internet has provided a landscape for authors to make it perhaps as far as you've come with little or no out of pocket expense and less overall effort, you're angry that a newer generation of authors doesn't have to work as hard as you did.

    Ditch your rotary trimmer and buy a lawnmower. Its 2003, things are different.

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    Re: The End of the Thread

    Mark: you wrote..."They are a POD although they try to dodge that too. No returns as with all vanity PODs."

    Perhaps you should do some research in this area. For starters; Random House and many other large houses now use POD (Which, by the way refers to Print on demand,,NOT Publish on demand, which is what a Vanity publisher does, and with GREAT cost to the author.)

    As for comments previously to the 'list' that is required of authors: I found it to be a great asset, as my friends and family were totally behind me 100 percent, and they did a bit of promotion for me, without any push from myself! 60% of all the people I put on my list purchased my novel, Fathers Sons and Brothers, Book One. In addition, there were additional sales made to friends of my family and friends that I put on this list.

    I, and many other authors that are presently with Publish America, have yet to experience any of the horror stories that have been mentioned on this and other boards. We get just as much promotion from Publish America as first time authors as we would have from any large house. Of the 160,000 new titles that were released last year, not much more than 6% of those titles had any sizeable marketing budget...THAT IS A FACT!

    This Print on Demand debate is not a debate at all, in my view. It is mostly discussion without the pertanent facts that need to be included. Print on demand is the wave of the future in publishing. It just so happens Publish America is at the fore front of this technology.

    Fact: when my novel was first released in April of 2002, Ingrambook showed 1 title available in stock. As demand showed for the novel, this number increased appropiatley. (I took the initiative to speak directly with Ingrambook when my novel first came out, and they explained to me how this works, and to date, it has worked exactly as they said.) As more demand came, the more copies were available for Fathers Sons and Brothers at time of order. At this time, I believe the number available for immediate shipment is 10 - 15. More than enough for any bookstore to order for an intial stock of my title.

    Oh yes...here is some more information for you naysayers: lets say a bookstore orders 25 of my novel. This is how it all works: it will show , say, 10 in stock to ship. Ingram will ship the 10, put in an order for 15 more to be printed, then shipped as a backorder to complete the original order, while at the same time they will print up another 10 to be put back in stock at the warehouse. It works. I have tested it myself, with the help of my local Independent.

    So, if you all want to bash the POD thing, fine. That is your perogative. Just make sure you are refering to the correct form of POD when it comes to Publish America...PRINT ON DEMAND...NOT publish on demand.
    A very happy author at Publish America.

    By the way... they do pay royalties on time!

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    Annette Morgan

    Re: The End of the Thread

    I am not a writer. I AM a voracious reader! I'm an investigative insurance claims adjuster by profession. A friend asked me to read his writings and review his Publish America contract. I am not an attorney. My friend understands that. I am an educated and trained professional of "layman's" words. Additonally I'm free, I care and I'm honest. I suspect all elements are equally important to my friend, the author.

    I found this site via an internet search for "Publish America" and I'm glad I did. I have perused the discussion forum for the month of November 2003, as an "outsider", I suppose. {Prior to my occupation as an investigative insurance claims adjuster I was a Social Worker for 15 years and a bartender 8 years before that.} I include this simply to "qualify" as an experienced observer of humanity ... "the good, the bad and the ugly". And I must say I've seen that full realm here.

    I have to admit I am partial to "Granny". She seems to have the most balanced dialogue presented. Although everyone's discussion helped me to gather information re: Publish America. PA obviously has it pro and cons. I've reviewed the diatribe that occured re: whether it was a POD or tradtional publisher. From an "outsiders" view it matters not the precise definition. We only want to know the nuts and bolts of it all ..... Can I pay my bills and still do what I love?

    What I gathered was: My friend will not be able to pay his bills doing what he loves signing a contract with PA unless he tirelessly promotes his "self bought" hard copy of his works and markets it himself .... beyond the 100 family and friends. {Especially considering he has a wife and 5 children.} *** I must include his writing is exceptionally inspirational and very easy to read. He will probably need to find a Christian-type agent/publisher to promote his work. I prefer Douglas Adams, Clive Barker, Richard Feynmen, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Benjamin Hoff, Trina Robbins and Sylvia Nasar. I include some known and not-so-known writers because I love them all. I don't know how they were published but I am grateful I found them. And I also liked my friend's spiritual essay.

    I also gathered: My sister would love the services provided by PA because she only wants to see her one novel in paperback form and our family would cherish this written work as a "piece of her soul" .... in the hand-held form. And we would pay. She's not trying to pay a mortgage with her written work. She only wants to see it "manifested".

    Simply words from the "other" side.

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    Re: The End of the Thread

    YO HO HO

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