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    action adventure writer

    thank you to all and question for Mark Pheonix

    I want to thank all of you for the feedback you've given me generously on my dilemma of whether to accept the advance from the publisher in New York through the agent in DC or if POD would hold more advantages.

    To be frank, I was surprised that on a message board that is about POD publishing that almost everybody would say it is a very, very bad idea. I went to visit an old English professor of mine to get advice as well and we talked about it a long time and then I showed him this message board on the computer in his office.

    I was shocked when he said the POD Authors are the ones who are not good Authors and who cannot write as well as I can and that is why they have to go POD. My former teacher told me I am a much better writer than the POD writers--I was kind of embarrassed actually because this is my first book and I do not necessarily consider myself a 'better' writer than somebody whose book I haven't read.

    But my teacher said "Steph, these POD people are losers!"

    That is way too harsh. He is a man of many opinions.

    In any case I want to thank everyone who said I should take the advance instead and that is what I am going to do and then cross my fingers and hope for my publishing luck!

    The only person who had ANYTHING positive to say about the POD route here on this board was a gentleman named Mark Pheonix. Mr. Pheonix I must tell you that I respect your views and your decision. I am curious to know if you found yourself in a dilemma similar to me. How much did a traditional New York publisher offer you for your book before you made the decision to turn it down and go with a POD self-publisher? If you don't mind me asking. My advance is $15,000 which I considered low and am now told is not so low for the kind of book I am publishing. If you were offered less than that, is that the rationale for choosing POD instead? Or did all of the real publishers in New York say no to your work?

    Thanks again to everyone for the advice.


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    Have a look around

    Hi Steph,

    This particular part of the board is about POD. If you look around in the other forums, you will find published and unpublished authors taking their writing seriosly, even the occasional agent. With the kind of advance offered and an obviously good agent, you would be a success story.

    Visit for instance the agents forum, read back (older messages link) and get to know the business a bit.
    Look further down in this part of the forum - for instance "stupid mistake #14" started by Gary Kessler.

    And welcome to the board!
    Stick around for a while.

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    Re: Have a look around

    Hi Steph,
    Your professor isn't accurate either in his lumping of all POD authors as losers with no talent. Some POD authors are receiving good reviews from prestegious magazines such as the Library Journal and others. He may also be unaware of the many books in reprint by POD publishers by already established traditional authors who have chosen to bring their out-of-print books back to the marketplace. Included are Sol Stein and William F. Buckley and many others. I personally represented Reverend Clifford Stevens through iUniverse for his last novel. He chose to go with a POD publisher rather than a traditional because he was fascinated with the speed of production. He is the author of many traditionally published books and was the Editor in Chief of The Priest magazine. Just recently two iU authors signed contracts with Random House. There have been others as well. So, while I do think you should listen to your agent and go traditional, I don't think you should be led to believe you are better than ALL POD published authors because of it.
    Best of luck to you.
    Regards, Kaz

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    Karen Dionne

    Re: Have a look around

    Steph -

    Your agent and mine are one and the same, I suspect. J.K. is shopping my novel now (a thriller) and so far, all we've gotten are rejections. I'd be DELIGHTED to be in your shoes! He's been my agent for four years, btw. You can definitely trust him; I know him very well.



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    Marc Phoenix

    Re: Have a look around


    I truly wish you success in your literary journey. :-)
    If you want to continue conversing with me you are welcome to check out my site, where you'll find answers to some of your questions.

    Marc Phoenix

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