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    Roy Abrahams

    Re: I second that motion

    Hi, Marc:

    I am intrigued with the idea of having leverage either by publishing with a traditional house or through one of the newer methods. I understand the word as it is usually used and wonder how one can develop such "leverage" in order to better one's chances of being published. Or are you saying you have leverage that enables you to cut a better deal with whomever you sign a contract. And I'm probably not the only one here who would appreciate a better understanding.


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    Re: I second that motion

    To Mark,
    The reason i answered the original query was because your comments could lead a naive author down the wrong path. $15,000 is a lot of money for a no name author. It seems to me that a lot of PA or POD authors are constantly trying to justify why they signed away their books. I've read messages where they say they are thrilled that no one edits their books because the material is all theirs. That's just nuts. Even big name authors are edited. If a traditional publisher wants to edit me or change the name of my book or change a characters name, hey, I'll let him. He knows what he's doing and he knows what sells.
    I did do a search on you by the way and found your site at authorsden and read your excerpts. While your story may be interesting if you like fantasy, your editing is atrocious. PA let you edit your own work and you should have had someone else do it.

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