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    Ed Ferrell

    Re: POD publishing

    I published two books with Xlibris. The propaganda sounded great, but in reality POD is a vanity press.My novel, Wolf Brother- Survival in the Far North, received good reviews here in Juneau, but the book doesn't sell.Cost is the reason. My 118 page novel sells for $20.00; it should sell for $12.00. Xlibris people do not live in the real world. The Co. copyrighted the story in Dec., 2001 Xlibris should have waited to Jan. It took me six months to have corrections made(I did a poor job of proofing), and the Co. made mistakes in correcting my novel. The bottom line is that when I received the corrected edition too late to get into the schools. By the time I located a national magazine (Alaska Airlines) that would review the book, the editor said it was too old of a copyright, thanks to Xlibris. Hope this is some value to you. Regards, Ed Ferrell.

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    john lee

    Re: POD publishing

    dear Mr Lux,
    just to drop a line to show appreciation regarding your wisdom on the matter of P.O.D or self publishing. I found the area of a Wholesale marketing editor particularly interesting. I would appreciate dearly learning, in more detail the working role of this position as regards the product and the Autor.
    best regards,
    John Lee.

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    Matt O'Dell

    Re: POD publishing

    In 1975 I was four years old. I live in Michigan where just about everyone has a lake in their neighborhood. My mom had a psychiatrist as a friend that she did book work for in exchange for free therapy. Every so often me my older brother and sister would pile in my dads car with my mom and head down to the shrinks house to swim in the lake she lived on. It was nice, dad would cook hamburgers and hot dogs on a grill while mom and the shrink talked and me and my siblings swam in the lake. The shrink was a good friend of the family who always seemed to get my mom out of trouble whenever mental distress over whelmed her, all was good that way, at the time me my brother and sister had no worries. In the summer time we would sit on the roof of the house and pick blackberries that grew from a tree that over hung onto the back of the garage. In the wintertime we would play with our sleds on the hill that was the dirt road in front of our house. We would fight like kids would fight, like every little thing was a big deal. If my sister thought I was behind what ever it was that was missing out of her room she would take one of my coloring books or something. My brother would step in being the oldest and take something of hers until I got my coloring book back. Thatís not how it worked however. Arguing would commence followed shortly by chasing followed closely by running to mom and dad.
    It was a warm summer evening when my mom decided to take me and my siblings to the 7 11 up the road for a slurpy. We were all slurpied up and headin back home when my mom hit a young teen boy lying in the road next to his bike. She freaked and drove the car the twenty or thirty feet to our house. She burst through the front door yelling at my father in a panic telling him what she had done. My father dumbfounded told her to call the police. She called the cops but never told them that it was her that hit the kid, just that a kid had been hit and was in the street. Just after hanging up with the police she called her shrink friend and told her everything that had happened. The shrink asked her if she told the police that it was her and she said no. The shrink hung up with her and arrived at the house shortly after the police arrived on the site where the kidís body was. My mom was standing at the window peeking out with me my brother and sister behind her trying to see what the police were doing, thatís when my sister noticed the shrink walk to the nearest cop and tell him my mom had hit the kid and point our house out to him. The cops tucked my mom into a cop car and took her away. A little while later my dad got a call to come pick her up. It turned out that the kid had O.Díd on drugs and was dead long before my mom had hit him. My mom was completely destroyed over hitting the kid. She would see things has she was driving down the road. I remember once she thought she saw two kids tied together to a bike and being forced to ride down the street. She saw things like this a lot and every time she did she would call the police and report it. After a while the police new her by her voice and would just tell her to stop calling and hang up. The kidís family still blamed my mom for what happened sense she was the one who hit him and would call the house every so often and make death threats on the life of her family. They would tell her how they were going to kill me, my brother and sister and in great detail. Iím guessing that sense she wasnít put in jail and there wasnít anything else they could do, calling our house and telling her how they would kill me my brother and sister was the next best thing to getting justice. But what they didnít

    My name is Matthew A OíDell,

    I would like to post the story of my life on a web site where in people would have to pay to see a new post each weak. The page above is the first page of the first chapter of what I would like to be the first weak. The story of my life is one that highlights how a tragic childhood can affect adult hood. I am proposing that each weak when a new chapter is posted the reader will be a little more enlightened as to what happens when a persons life is full of stress. From the start of my life to the present I want to give the reader the emotional understanding of what it is to live a life that has outstanding ups and downs.

    A little like Forrest Gump and Jerry McGuire combined with something Quentin Tarantino would like.
    Iím writing about my life so the story is something I would like to think I am qualified to write.
    I lack the funds to make the site I am proposing a reality, so I am sending you a proposal.
    I have connections with people who do web site design however I lack the web space needed, hence the fund issue.
    I understand that a web site may not be something you or youíre office deals in. If the web issue is a problem but you are still interested in what I am writing about please contact me via email at scamius2001@yahoo.com or send letterheads to.

    Matt OíDell
    514 Emerson Ave.
    Pontiac Mich.

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    Skylar Burris

    Re: POD publishing

    I have had experience with POD publishing, but I think my experience differs from that of many other POD writers in that I entered the process after careful research and with my eyes wide open. I was well aware that my book would not be reviewed or stocked in bookstores, simply because it was a POD book. (And I understand this is because of the rather large number of poorly written POD books. It is easier for reviewers and bookstores to say no to the entire lot than to wade through them to find the few gems.)

    I had a fiction work I knew would appeal to a niche audience, and I had plans to market to that audience. I did not want to continue my search for an agent and a traditional publisher, when I knew I could publish POD and have my books in the hands of that audience in a matter of months.

    I have been satisfied with my experience. Not thrilled, and not surprised, but satisfied. My book has been available for about ten months now, and I have sold about as many copies as I expected to sell. I have made about $1,000 over and above my expenses, and the book continues to sell.

    I only submitted my book for review to the few places I knew would at least consider it. I have had reviews published in the Mensa Bulletin and The Christian Fiction Reviewer (a bi-monthly e-mail newsletter). I have a website, and I have prepared a "free study guide" including essay questions and a multiple choice quiz, which I make available to teachers and students, in case literature teachers or tutors want to make my book assigned reading. I have recently sold several copies of the book to a learning center.

    (P.S. I'm back to posting on Writersnet, though I had given up earlier. A kind person e-mailed me and persuaded me to stick around and overlook the nastier posts I had encountered here.)

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    Skylar Burris

    Re: POD publishing

    Regarding some of the previous posts: POD books can be horribly overpriced. Xlibris and iuniverse tend to overprice more than some others. (Virtualbookworm and Lulu allow for more reasonable pricing, for instance.) This can cripple your chance at sales. This was one of the major factors I considered when researching POD publishers.

    I thought the POD I chose was the best overall in terms of startup costs, cover price, and royalty paid. My only quibble with them has been their terribly slow communication and the fact that I have received more than one late royalty payment. I was seriously considering bringing out a second book with my publisher, but their slow customer service makes me nervous enough that I think I will just sit on it instead, and spend the year or two or three looking for a traditional publisher. I'm still toying with the possibility of POD, but I'm going to give my current book another year to see how the process goes before I decide whether to do it again.

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    Mitch Allen

    Re: POD publishing

    Wow. I\'ve never been part of a thread spanning over 2 years before. It\'s been so long, I had to create a new ID!

    Since my previous posts I\'ve been experimenting with other methods of publishing. I\'ve sold PDF\'s through services like Bitpass and I\'m working on some blog-based books where the income would be only through banner ads. I\'ve also been exploring using todays technology to create CD\'s or DVD\'s for sale on Amazon. I found an article on how to inexpensively acquire a UPC code: http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/000668.php

    One site I was checking out for printing short runs is http://www.booksjustbooks.com . They aren\'t POD. This is if you want to print the books and manage the distribution yourself. Though I may stick to electronic distribution.

    Skylar, have you actually used LuLu? I was toying with producing a book of photos and text and had stumbled across them.

    Mitch Allen

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    Skylar Burris

    Re: POD publishing

    No, I have not actually used Lulu, but it was one of the options I researched. I decided not to use it because, in order to earn the royalty I desired, my retail price on Amazon would be higher than it was with the publisher I chose. But you can get your retail price down by setting a lower royalty. Lulu works quite differently than most PODs. You set your own royalty, and therefore your own cover price. You get the same royalty regardless of whether the book sells on Lulu or on Amazon. You have more control over your book. And the set-up fee is very low--something like $159 for an ISBN assignment and distribution to Amazon.com, etc. However, you'll need to design your own cover and layout with Lulu, or pay for these professional services, which means you end up spending as much with Lulu as with any other POD. If you already have your book fully designed, however, Lulu is your cheapest POD choice.

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