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    Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    Does anybody have any feedback or any knowledge of Llumina.com or virtualbookworm.com, two smaller POD companies that screen manuscripts?
    I'd like to know if anybody can tell me whether they might provide better service than 1stBooks, Xlibris or IUniverse?


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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    I would strongly urge you to avoid having any business dealings with Virtualbookworm.

    I'm not sure why, but the company seems to constantly suffer a number of problems with printers, with its royalty database, with the receipt of documents, and so forth. If you're actually moving units of your book and earning royalties off of those sales, you'd think the publisher could repair his royalties database in less than 13 months so you could legitimately claim your earnings...and in this case, you'd be dead wrong. He'd only tell you "it's not his problem" -- and then, amazingly enough, put his hand out and ask you, with a straight face, for more money to resolve problems he should never have presented to his authors in the first place.

    I can't say whether it stems from crookedness or from rank incompetence, but in either case, I cannot recommend this company to other authors, particularly as I am determined never to use a POD publisher again.

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    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    Eric, your problem is not unique. Writer Beware has received a number of similar complaints about this company.

    -Ann C. Crispin
    Writer Beware

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    Andrew Moynihan

    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    Hi Guy,

    As regards your query on LLumina or Virtual Bookworm, check out this site. It's very informative.


    Andrew Moynihan

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    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    Good Evening Eric-

    Could you please elaborate further regarding your experience with "Llumina Press" POD publisher out of Florida, D. Greenspan publisher? I am planning to send by manuscript to this company in the very near future along with monies. I've just come across your posted exchange in doing my research on this company. My personal dealings have been good to excellent so far, but of course I haven't sent money not do I have a formal relationship. Your message has got me concerned.
    Please advise.


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    Earle Atterton

    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    Dear Sir:

    I have research all of the POD firms over the last two weeks. Virtualbookworm.com seems to be the best in this type of publishing. They require a review and edit, which I feel is essential to those who market and sell books. They also select or reject on the basis of quality.

    Llumina seems to be a good choice. It is not rated as high as Virtualbookworm. Don't depend on one rating, as some seem to be partial. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    Complete POD publishers list at

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    Don Ford

    Re: Llumina or Virtualbookworm.com

    I too have had less than satisfactory results with Virtualbookworm.

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    Lynn Brewer

    Re: Virtualbookworm.com

    I am a former Enron Executive who signed a six figure deal with HarperCollins. When HC received the manuscript - they loved it - however, the lawyers said there was no way they could publish the book because of my eye witness accounts of criminal behavior. That's when I turned to Virtual Bookworm after being told by many large publishers that they would have to censor the content.

    Within two days of going to publication (after numerous delays), Bobby Bernshausen called and informed me that he had lost his incorporation in the state of Texas for failure to pay his taxes -- although he said it was no fault of his own and that he would not be able to publish the book. Then somehow he cleared that "minor" little detail up and we published the book in late September.

    He has continued to breach the contract by failing to provide timely accounting of the sales. His excuse after four months - "he didn't know how to get a hold of me" (mind you I have had the same e-mail and phone number the entire time of our alliance). Then he told my co-author the "check was in the mail" only to call the next week to inform him that he was "trying to figure out how much he owed him".

    I demanded an accounting under the terms of our contract and he refused for weeks to provide me the details but instead asked for "more time" to gather the information. When I explained that I would have to pursue legal action against him if we didn't get the accounting, he told my co-author I had "threatened his family."

    I have received correspondence from other authors that say he has charged credit cards and never sent books, he has taken money from them and never provided the services. His e-mails then say "Please don't ever worry about our integrity, we would never cheat anyone." As Shakespeare said "doth protest too much, methinks."

    He will tell you that he has sent books to me covering royalty payments but that doesn't account for no accounting.

    If you too have had problems with virtualbookworm please e-mail me.

    Lynn Brewer

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    Don Ford

    Re: Virtualbookworm.com

    As an update, I feel I should provide more details on my experiance with vbw. Bobby did a good job preparing my book for publication, although not without provocation. However, not all the services advertised have been provided to my satisfaction.

    Mistakes were made on my royalty report and sales I know took place were not reflected.

    A book I ordered for my mother-in-law was never received. This has been remedied, but not without provocation, once again.

    The web-site I purchased does not meet my expectations. I can make no additions or changes and errors remain after numerous requests to have them remedied.

    I will gladly post a retraction, if and when these problems are fixed.

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