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    better publisher

    I went with Black Forest Press as my publisher. They shoot from the hip. They only accept 1 out of every 50 submissions. If anyone else has dealt with them I'd love to hear about your experience.

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    !st books / Author House Results

    It's Complete...
    I received my "NEW" book today and it's PERFECT.. AuthorHouse had to make a change on the cover (1 Word).
    They are selling through Barnes and Noble FAST~~~~.
    I have done radio interviews and Phone interviews.
    If you go to my Web Site you will see me with TV CHEF Alton Brown from GOOD EATS holding my book.
    authorHOUSE or 1st books have done everything they said they would. If you have ANY doubt then you can now stop.
    From Start to Finish they have been there the WHOLE TIME for me.
    Stop reading all the garbage about them and send your manuscript in to get published...
    They make DREAMS come true...
    I have to go now and SELL SELL SELL - PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE...
    Thank you so much,
    Victor Kline
    See ya on OPRAH

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    Romoulous Enterprises

    Re: !st books / Author House Results

    Congratulations, you have my condolences. However, I was once an Author with that company, until they started messing up my work. Ugly book cover designs, uploaded ebooks for downloading that wasn't on my contract. I also have the emails from one of their represenatives responding back to my emails about the glitch. They never pay attention to detail, because they printed another story in one of my books that wasn't mines. Poor Author, I got paid for his story. If you don't believe me, then give me Oprah's address and I will send her a copy so that see can expose them on nationwide television. These people are not professionals. They are hungry wolves that are only about making and taking an author's dollar. Yes that's right! Authorhouse emailed me an invoice and said I had zero sales, but I have invoices and reciepts to prove that there were sales made. Romoulous Enterprises will be on the market at the end of this month. Go to Amazon.com and purchase books on Self-Publishing and How to Publish your own books. You will be in control and also you won't get played.

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