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Thread: What to do

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    Jenny Hilton

    Re: writing question

    A writing question.........who thinks a murder mystery in a bank might work if the staff member is the murderer and they go insane and start knocking off criminals hiding drug money because the cops won't do anything .........?

    What do you think?.....sound awful? There's always the customer killing the bank manager.

    My agent recently said third person POV is easier to sell.
    Do you guy's think it would be okay for first person in a short mystery who done it?

    Thanks for your comments and happy writing,


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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: writing question

    Steve and Victoria presented such a withering and accurate response to Jane's initial post that I am hard-pressed to add anything, but I do want to post my wholehearted support to them for their comments. This type of
    hate-filled, ignorant nonsense is unworthy of anybody who posts here, certainly of Jane, who is a sensible and smart woman and often full of good advice and smart commentary in other areas. Obviously her politics are her own affair... and I wish she'd keep them that way.

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    Jack Turner

    Re: writing question

    Here's to Hamish -- The whole discussion may be relevant and compelling -- but not to this forum.

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    Neville Hurt

    Re: writing question

    To j. Ted Rosien and others,

    I'm well aware you have to stand up to these terrorists, but as a world we JUST CAN'T KEEP having people like Adolf Hitler, Bin Laden every 20 years or so trying to take control.


    I'm not a christain and but Jesus taught us all to respect one another. But religion causes war not peace, most of the time.

    We should as writers be spreading this message of respect, not having this disgraceful discussion. If you all are to be published you all must be a bit tolerant and be more in touch with society!

    Britain's head was CHAMBERLAIN not Chamberland! And a homosexual, the sort of person that you Americans have no tolerance for sometimes, decoded the Enigma and really sorted out Hitler. Yes, I'm very thankful to America, but when I hear such out-of-touch messages as yours, then I wish America had stayed neutral.

    WE CAN'T KEEP HAVING WAR- We'll destroy the earth, before long! PEACE, AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN...and WOMEN!!!!

    I am an 29 year old MAN (jane) and I'm disgusted with my older elders attitudes. I think I'm one of the only true people who wants a happy world without violence. I'm certainly one of the only people who has truly learnt from the past- WWW 1 and 2- I'm disgusted with Gallipoli as well as anything in WWW2. It seems that people just won't learn.

    So, if we write in our books to love one another, this will be the only way to say WON'T NEED TO BE VIOLENT! And we don't need any more discussions like this in Writers Net! If you show me you are "fuddy-duddys" then I'll stop reading your views. These bad attitudes keep our society bad, and so these attitudes should be stopped (so Hitler had a point there, didn't he?)

    And my children's book is great to help children and their parents understand the respect we all need. It is a shame my correct views have to battle with out-of-touch ones. What a world we live in- I'm so appalled!!!

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    Re: writing question

    To Nev
    Thanks for correcting my spelling of Chamberlain.

    In I have to say that you are incorrect about Hitler.
    Under his rule,and that of Joseph Gerbles, you would not be abel to write what you wanted, you would have to write what the state said you could write.
    And if you were a dissadent, you would have ended up like the 6,000,000 Jews, and the 8 or so million Christains, Gypsies, Homosexuals and anyone else that disagreed with him and his henchmen.

    Yes war is bad as is like a cnacer. But when you cut out a cancer, sometimes you have to take good tissue with it,

    I to would like to see world peace, but as long as man(people) as basicly evil, we will never have world peace.
    And as far as your comments about America staying neutral,

    I think you need to have a talk a long talk with someone that went through WWII and not some of these socialest teachers that have filled your mind with mush and they will tell you that they thanked GOD that America showed up when it did.

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