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Thread: Mix it up

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    j. Ted Rosien

    Mix it up

    For some reason this listing has been kind of quiet lately,
    so I think it's time to stir it up a little for those who don't like toread poetry on this topic



    Life is so tough for me as I am now a middle age cat.
    Ten human years,no longer a spring kitten.

    I was fixed too, even though I wasn’t broken,
    but that was a long time ago,so long I don’t remember when.

    Meow; yawn.

    Life is so tough.I eat and sleep,or is it sleep and eat.

    Life is so tough.

    When I get board,When I am in, I want out.
    When I am out, I want in.

    I do this most of the time just to irritate the humans.

    The humans are good to me and treat me well,
    but I do need a little laugh once and awhile.

    If I could find out some way to irritate the humans,
    without having to come in, or go out, I would.


    Hee, hee, hee.

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    Re: Mix it up

    LOL, I love it! I'm going to show it to my neighbor who has two cats. Regards, Kaz

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    j. Ted Rosien

    Re: Mix it up

    Thank You Kaz

    My cat is anold timer I am guessing that he,or in his case,IT. The pore guy was fixed, although I doubt he was broken.
    How ever, he almost never meows. When he wants something, he just jingles the bell that is on his colar.

    I'll be trying to sleep and around 5:30 am he'll come to the bedroom door and go ding ding and then trot to the sliding door.

    five mins. later he wants back in.

    I don't own him, as I think he is the master of this house.

    O'well, he is still good company.

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