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Thread: Rolling Thunder

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    j. Ted Rosien

    Rolling Thunder

    Wiil one of the last times i posted here, I was criticized that this BB was for writing, SOOOOOOOOOO, here is a sample.

    Rolling Thunder

    A tribute to an American Dream

    Outside of a coffee shop was a line of multi-colored machines that were
    all trimmed with a shinning chrome that reflected the mid morning sun.

    They are beautiful pieces of man-made machinery of plastic, rubber
    and steel that formed a rolling piece of artwork.
    No two exactly alike.

    Those machines are the color of the rainbow
    and one was black. The black of a moonless night.

    Most are a single color or a mixture of two or
    three colors and its’ matching shade.

    Then there’s was a couple with paintings on the tanks and saddlebags.
    A rolling Fresco that would be the envy of many artist.

    One was Wolf, howling at the moon.
    The other, a Golden Haired Angle with Gossamer Wings.

    These are American Machines.
    Machines with two big cylinders stuffed inside a black steel frame.

    Coming out of the side of the powerful engine and running to the back of the bike, are two chrome exhaust pipes that are the size of canons
    and they belch out fire and smoke.

    I could admire these pieces of artwork for a long time,
    But soon they would be rolling down the road to who knows where.

    Moments later a group of men and women leave the café
    And head to their multi-colored machines.

    I smile with thumbs up, and they smile back.
    It is as if they can read my mind.

    Soon one man starts his machine and the others follow suite.
    The area is alive with the rumble of the big twins.
    A rumble that you can feel all the way to your soul.

    Not only is my body vibrating with the sound,
    but so is the window of the I.

    In the I a young boy looks out at the Rolling Thunder.
    He is smiling from ear to ear and gives them, a thumbs up.
    The riders smile and give him, a thumbs up in return.
    One man gives a nod and rides off and the rest follow.

    As the big Harleys head down the highway,
    I can hear the sound for a long time.

    But not long enough.

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    Jane Casey

    Re: Rolling Thunder

    Well Ted,

    You blasts the modern feminist and other goups theory to bits that men aren't sensitive and don't have emotions. From the looks of your writing they have courage and dreams too. I wish I could express myself in writing as well as you.

    I thought the writing esquisite, full of meaning and touching. I'm not a modern bikers group, but my heart still thunders to the rumble of a Harley. It does make me feel so young, but not long enough.


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