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    Mark Blanchard

    Unsolicited request for "Critiques" - BEWARE

    Hey folks,

    I just received an unsolicited request to critique a writers.net poster's work. The poster was someone I didn't know named 'annette' and the attachment was a winmail.dat file.

    Obviously, you don't ever open .dat or .exe files from unknown senders so I scrubbed it before it infected anything. Just thought I'd warn anyone else who might be targeted with the same attachment.

    FYI, to anyone soliciting my opinion on their writing. I only review pieces from folks who ask me first. Unsolicited requests get dumped.


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    Re: Unsolicited request for "Critiques" - BEWARE

    YES, it is wise for a writer seeking publication to simply 'ask' the agent or editor if you can send them your ms, or at least a short synopsis. It doesn't hurt to just ASK. Many editors prefer this rather than a 'In Your Face, Here's My Work' approach. Politeness counts and may score you big points with top agents and editors!

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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: Unsolicited request for "Critiques" - BEWARE

    No worries, dude, I don't open most attachments I get from people I know in 3-D, and never from people I don't. Thanks for the head's-up, though.

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