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    Scerina Birthwright

    How Do You Post Writing On Here?

    I have tried to post some poems and it keeps takin me to some writers directory and says failure to open due line 17 and 18 some thing bout paths and inclusions...I am new on here..can any one help me out? I would truly appreaciate it if u can. Thank you. Lisa Scerina Harris

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    Valerie Moreau

    Re: How Do You Post Writing On Here?

    if you must try cutting and pasting or just write it in the message portion.

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    Deborah Jarman

    Re: How Do You Post Writing On Here?


    I am fairly new to this site and have not yet posted any writing samples for critique. However, it is my understanding that the correct place to post would be under "Writing Craft". Also, it seems that several members were a bit put off from your posting of many, many poems earlier this month on the "Published Writers" discussion page. I think if you are looking for critique you may get a better response if you post a single, brief sample and ask for a response. Perhaps a poetry site may better suit your needs; several sites were mentioned in response to your posts in early Oct. Good luck to you.


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