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Thread: hey Jane

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    Jon Cliff

    hey Jane

    I took your advise and sent my little outbreak about terrorism to the paper. I was surprised they printed it, especially the wet their pants part. I really didnt think many would notice it but even though I did not see the paper I recieved a standing ovation at work the morning after It was printed. Was nice I guess but very embrassing.
    Should have used my Jon Cliff name instead of my real one.
    But thanks for the encouragement my wife loved seeing it.

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    Jane Casey

    Re: hey Jane

    Hey Jon,

    Super! Fantastic. Be sure to buy several of the papers incase you need to clip the Article later. Every little bit of publication can help. You're on your way fellow. You've had a short story, an articel and what all else published in the last few months. Hmmmm Kind of fooled some, didn't you? But isn't it amazing what can happen with a little effort?


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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: hey Jane

    Were you paid, or was it a "letter to the editor"-type of thing?

    either way, kudos on getting it into print. It's a start, as Jane said.

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    j. Ted Rosien

    Re: hey Jane

    Congratulations on getting into print.
    and could up put your article on the BB?

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    Valerie Moreau

    Re: hey Jane

    Way to go Jon.

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