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    Bryan Wolford

    My Idea To Help The Victims

    Well I sat all day and watched the tragedy unfold before me much like the rest of the country did. I sat here in Illinois wishing I could do something. There is nothing I can do. The tragedy is on the East Coast. So I began thinking. I want to try and write a book. I want to get some people together and I was thinking that we could do something like this. We all write short stories. Each story takes the view point of a different character in the tragedy. Someone who is sitting watching it on TV. Someone who is trying to help people evacuate the building before they crumble. Someone who is perched atop the building trying to decide what to do. I was thinking of a book of collected short stories dealing with this tragedy. We find a publisher that is willing to publish the book and give all the profits to the families of the victims. I know this is hard to do but I want to take the first step in trying to help even from all the way here in Illinois. If anyone knows of someone that could help me with this then let me know. If anyone wants to help then let me know. If you think this is a bad idea then let me know. Just let your voice be heard. 10,000 people in New York died at the cost of freedom. Freedom that allows your voice to be heard.

    Bryan Wolford

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    Bryan Wolford

    Re: My Idea To Help The Victims

    Well a good note to everyone who has expressed intrest in this idea. Seems I wasn't the only one who had an idea like this. On www.zoetrope.com I also posted my idea and a woman told me of someone that she knew that was a publisher who was looking to put something like this together. She mentioned it to her and the publisher told her to have me email her as soon as possible. So I've emailed her and now we may be on the fast track to getting this together. I will let everyone know more when it is available to me. But if you are interested in helping and have not yet recieved an email from me then email me and tell me that you want to help.

    Bryan Wolford

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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: My Idea To Help The Victims

    It's not a book I'd want, but then, I don't want to be reminded of this. I think there's little doubt there'll be a market for it, so good luck with it. I want to escape from this nightmare, not revisit it, but again, tastes vary.

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    Jan 2011

    Re: My Idea To Help The Victims

    September... so long ago...

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