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Thread: self publishing

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    Valerie Moreau

    self publishing

    Okay, I'll start things off on this new forum, Thanks Hamish for it. Last night I went to a meeting at the local Barnes and Nobles where they advertised a published writer would be speaking. You would be given a chance to ask questions and give her four pages of your work for her to critique. Well, she spent according to her over 6 thousand dollars to self publish her book and only now, 12 years later is she finally seeing money on the plus side. She attends all sorts of functions to sell her book, going to malls resturants and every other function she can think of. 6,000.00 dollars and twelve years. I do believe I would rather send my money and time going the conventional way. And as for the editing of the first four pages, needless to say that was her way of trying to sell us her editing services. No place is safe from those scam artists. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
    On a more serious note, I didn't do any writing today, and I'm sure many of us didn't as our thoughts and concerns were elsewhere. To all of you out there and especially anyone that may have lost a love one today, know that my thoughts are with you and the victims of today's tradegy.

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    Nora Christie

    Re: self publishing

    I, too, could not do any writing this morning. I have a small thought to offer. There is so much talk of retaliation, which I don't fault. But I think, at least for me, the most compelling aspect of this tragedy is the love people show for each other. It is more powerful than the force of the destruction. It can only be love that caused police and firemen to risk, and many, to lose their lives in rescue efforts; and the countless others who rushed to assist. This love has been shown around the globe in prayers and offers of help. I also believe that those who died went directly into the hands of God. Any sins they may have committed were instantly wiped away by the hell of their ordeal. I hope this thought may be of some comfort to families who suffered the loss of a loved one.
    Nora Christie

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    Eric Gilmartin

    Re: self publishing

    Six thousand bucks? A dozen years gone?

    Forget self-publishing, then; I've put in more money and time than that already, and seen much less than this woman you mention for my troubles.

    That I'm not exactly untalented as a writer makes it even more frustrating, but I was advised to avoid POD, and yet, I went with it anyhow.

    My next book goes to the straightforward publishers and agents, as perhaps my last one should have done. Thanks for posting this, it was insightful and revealing.

    Like yourself, I couldn't write the first couple of days after the tragedy; I only went back to something akin to editing my current project last night, over two weeks after it happened.

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