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    Introducing Our New Forum

    Welcome to WritersNet's latest discussion forum!

    While the traditional way into print - through New York based agents and editors and big publishing houses - is still many writers' preference there are other ways to get your writing out there.

    These ways have their pitfalls and anyone who has spent any time on these forums will know that writers should be very cautious about spending money to publish their own work or have someone else do it for them. (Check out Victoria Strauss' excellent Writer Beware for insight into the risks in taking the publishing path of least resistence.) But publishing alternatives exist and a writers' forum should discuss them.

    This new forum is particularly prompted by the, Internet facilitated, rapid growth of POD (Print on demand) and electronic publishing alternatives. If you have any questions for your writing peers about the myriad options that a publishing related web search offers, ask them here.

    I know that many people have very strong views about and against publishing models that bypass the traditional barriers to published status (i.e. getting an agent, finding a publisher, writing something with enough appeal to be a profitable publishing product, etc.). Please resist the urge to sneer or condemn; people have a right to explore all their options. There are, after all, many reasons why a valuable book with much to offer readers may not make it past those barriers. Keep an open mind.

    That's right, keep an open mind. Publishing is changing before our eyes. Those New York publishing houses are quietly, and not so quietly, positioning themselves to take advantage of epublishing opportunities once a viable Ebook form materializes. Writers would be shortsighted not to keep a wary eye on developments. (Newsletter readers will recognize the soap box from which I declaim, forgive me if I am getting boring on this particular topic.)

    Ok, then. Go to it... Pick your peers' brains about other ways into print.


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    Jane Casey

    Re: Introducing Our New Forum

    Looks like I used this new page like I do instructions. I always read the instructions after I goof up. But thanks again for the new page.


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    James Rouch

    Re: Introducing Our New Forum

    Hi Hamish. You do not have a monopoly on being boring when on a favorite subject. Although a conventionaly published author and now a conventional Literary Agent I strongly believe that E-Publishing is at the stage now where the first page was when Caxton pulled it off the press.
    An open mind is certainly needed when dealing with POD etc
    and not all writers find that an easy state to obtain.
    There is a sort of snobbery in some quarters that if the
    writing ain't on paper it don't count. Nuts, what counts is originality, creativity and talent. That shines through no matter how a work is presented for public scrutiny.
    Can I get off my soapbox now ?
    I think the future is just so exciting. More writers than every (Writers Net is proving that) more chances for them to find ways to promote their work. OK, now I am stepping down...
    James Rouch

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    Re: Introducing Our New Forum

    Wow Cool

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