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    Saalim A.M. Mills

    Re: A couple of questions

    I just learned (Hey, everyone, this is my first post by the way. Please be gentle) by reading all of these replies that I've been editing incorrectly.

    Thank you all for making me aware of the millions of hours I've wasted by editing as I go along. *Sad face*

    *Tear drop*

    *Sweet baby Jesus*

    Would anybody happen to have the number of a 'cheap' professional editor?

    I'm only playing.

    But not really.

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    Cindy Kay

    Re: A couple of questions

    Eegads, am I now going to have to research the X-men Wolverine? I lost interest in the middle of the first movie and have only seen previews for this Wolverine one. But if wolverines are in vogue, I'm willing to stock my book with them.

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    John Hawkwood

    Re: A couple of questions

    No worries. I understand wolverines have replaced pot-bellied pigs as the outre pet of choice for models in New York.

    Oh, and you also should watch "Red Dawn." Like, a lot.

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    nicole payne

    Re: A couple of questions

    I edit my own work, mostly. I'll write a paragraph, and name it part 1, I'll read through it, and edit as much as i can, then bring it to school for my best friend, and my worst friend to read. This takes a long time to do, about a paragraph a day, but it helps me. [this doesn't mean you only have to write a paragraph a day, it just takes longer to edit if it is longer] i've only started this theory this week, but so far it's working out.

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