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    Re: Deep purple prose

    This might have been acceptable at the time Faulkner was writing, but that doesn't mean it is today. Styles change, and no more so than in writing. Shorter sentences are most definitely in vogue today.

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    Lea Zalas

    Re: Deep purple prose

    Nolan - Do your own homework. How else will you learn? I've seen others before you, come here trying to get someone to do their work for them. Apparently you couldn't see the elegance in that sentence, because if you could, you wouldn't be asking for help.

    College professors are grounded in the old classics - not a bad place to start and build upon, but unfortunately most professors don't look past the classics. To say I don't like Faulkner is NOT hate-mongering, it's a statement of my opinion. By the way, your professor saying that this is elegant is also, only his OPINION.

    Now, get to work, figure out for yourself why you think it's elegant and write it up.


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    Gregory Haley

    Re: Deep purple prose


    "Either way, I'm sure it works in class. I'm not so sure it works in Barnes and Noble, save for required academic reading lists."

    That is among the most useful sentences I have ever read on WN. Thanks.


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    Howard Cole

    Re: Deep purple prose

    Oh, I wish I would have seen this as it happened. Nolan: does your face get punched a lot when you talk like that? Good grief, trying to sound smart does not make you sound smart. Go tell your "assured" professors that I don't give a @!#$ what they think.

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