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    Franklin Meeks

    A fist full of diamonds


    Nice work! I really enjoyed the sarcasm of the character. Really liked these three gems...

    "So what does she do? She sends her damn mother instead in her boat of a Buick. Perfect."


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    Laura Mollett

    Re: A fist full of diamonds

    Thank you both very much I am a beginner. I believe that's the first thing I've ever put up for people to read that weren't friends/family. So you all kind of made my day. And I'm enjoying reading everyone else's. I particularly like Sam A's. The Indian background just really appeals to me. And Joseph's because it is so different than anything I thought of to do with it.

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    Franklin Meeks

    Contest closed...voting begins

    Thanks to everybody that entered. We had a lot of creative feathers pulled out of the hat. Now the contest is closed. For those that entered please feel free to vote for your top 3 stories, other than your own. You must vote for 3 stories and you must rank the 3 stories you are voting for as #1,#2,and #3, with each having a 1-100 score. #1 is to be your highest ranking story and #3 being the the lowest ranked. You cannot vote for your own. I repeat do not vote for your own. The only votes that will count are from the Author: named headings of the ones who entered the contest, and they will only be allowed one round of voting. I will total the votes, as can you, and put them up on Monday morning.

    Would anybody like to volunteer to start the next contest on Monday? Please respond with your vote. I'll put them in order of individuals that vote first to last and put the ball in your court. If no one wants to, I'll begin another Monday afternoon myself.

    Thanks again for participating,


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    Gregory Haley

    Re: Contest closed...voting begins

    Laura Mollett: 92.1

    Sam Albion: 92

    Joseph Canavan: 88

    (Those clever enough to include the "cap in your ass" without resorting to firearms got extra points from me.)

    Very unique perspectives from all 3, IMHO.

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    sam albion

    Re: Contest closed...voting begins

    laura mollet 72/100
    joseph canavan 68/100
    don daffron 65/100

    It was more difficult to choose than you might think...

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    Franklin Meeks

    Re: Contest closed...voting begins

    Sam Albion: 88/100
    Joseph Canavan: 84/100
    Laura Mollet: 83/100

    It was hard to decide.


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    Laura Mollett

    Re: Contest closed...voting begins

    Sam Albion 95
    Joseph Canavan 93
    Sam Fletcher 80

    (I don't know what kind of things you base these numbers on. I chose based on which I liked best so it was awfully subjective... and difficult...)

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    Franklin Meeks

    Sam Albion is the Winner of the First annual Writers Net Short Contest

    Congratulations everybody! We had some good stuff put up here. I'm sure you had some fun with it. With that said, here are the averages of the scores:

    1st place: Sam A.= 91.66 avg.
    2nd Place: Joseph C. = 83.25 avg.
    3rd Place: Laura M = 82.33 avg.

    Thanks for playing. I'll go ahead and start another contest. Hope you'll play again.


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    Re: Sam Albion is the Winner of the First annual Writers Net Short Contest

    Congratulations, Sam.

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