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Thread: Trope?

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    Book Werm


    Novelist Kurt Andersen uses this phrase in his recent book, RESET.

    "The casino became the sort of governing trope of the economy...."

    I have looked up the word trope, which seems to have come into frequent usage lately, and none of the definitions make sense (pun, play on words, twist and turn, cliche-possible by a stretch, etc.)

    What does he mean in this context?

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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Trope?

    You don't really give enough context. If the managers of the economy were frequently comparing the working of the economy to the workings of a casino operation in their discussions of the economy, then the casino model could be considered a trope (cliched usage) for the actual working of the economy.

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    Book Werm

    Re: Trope?

    Yes, in an interview with Leonard Lopate Andersen quoted his writing by saying just that. So I guess 'trope' pretty much means, in that context, cliched usage.



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    Anthony Ravenscroft

    Re: Trope?

    When I use the term, I mean essentially that it's a familiar mechanism, but treading dangerously close to cliche & therefore to be used cautiously. When used within writing, I'd say it means "tending toward cliche" or "something with which we're all familiar."

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