Thank you for all of the critiques! They where very helpful. I realize that the names need to be changed and the time period needs to be made more clear. I'm off to the library today to do some researching. As far as Igor crushing the boar into dust (still working on that description), it is revealed a few paragraphs later that he does have super-human strength.

Will cut back on the exclamation points drastically (it only took a kick in the butt and another read through to notice there where about a gazillion) and work on the saidisms.

As far as point of view... this was a little tricky for me, as the rest of the book is written in first person. She is seeing a "flash back" (for lack of a better term and to save you all from a long winded explanation) of these three men. Should I try to make it from one of the men's POV? I want the reader to remember this scene later on, even though this is the only time these characters will be shown.