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    Gary Kessler

    Re: Formatting (Please help)

    Ah, yes, although the original is possible, BL's comma does look better.

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    junel ;-)

    Re: Formatting (Please help)

    This is along the lines of the original posters queries, so i don't think i'm hijacking the thread.

    Can someone tell what happens when a characters dialogue ends with a period, does the next word have a capital letter or not? like this:

    'I'll be one hour.' He said.

    or is it meant to be:

    'I'll be one hour.' he said.

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    Brandon Cleveland

    Re: Formatting (Please help)


    always use a capital after a period. but as far as your example, it's assumed we know the POV if it ends in a period. if you insists on keeping a lowercase, use a comma.

    "I'll be one hour," he said.

    "I'll be one hour."

    both are right

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    Busy Lizzy

    Re: Formatting (Please help)

    Correct would be:

    "I'll be one hour," he said.

    Note the comma, even if the sentence ends here.

    You would only have a period, if your tag is in front.

    He said, "'I'll be one hour."

    Another thing: use [ "] to begin and end a direct speech.

    [ '] are only used within a speech to indicate a quotation.

    For example: He said, "I'll be one hour, or, like Jenny said, 'sixty minutes' ."

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    Author Pendragin

    Re: Formatting (Please help)

    No way book werm, your post actually helped. You asked a question similar to mine and the answer brought greater clarification. Good job!

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    junel ;-)

    Re: Formatting (Please help)

    Brilliant. Thanks Brandon and B Lizzy.

    And Pendragin for starting the thread. :-)

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