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    Kyle Ticali

    Writing a Series

    Hello again, all.

    I have a few questions concerning writing a series.

    So, I've written Book 1, and while editing/revising that I am also writing Book 2. What I found/find in doing so is that I will feel the need to add to Book 1 in order to make it more cohesive with the second book. For example, I'll be writing a chapter for Book 2 and say, "Oh, that's good. She has dreams. Yeah. Wait. Maybe I should make her have dreams in Book 1 too? Darn."

    So, how does one deal with this? I suppose it has a lot to do with trouble letting go, because I've considered not even attempting to get Book 1 published until I've finished writing the series. That sounds great until about an hour later when I realize it's actually a ludacis idea.

    Does anyone else have a similiar experience to share? Maybe even a modicum of a resolution?

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    Lea Zalas

    Re: Writing a Series

    I'm writing a 3-part series. I'm not even going to think about trying to get an agent interested in the first book until I have all three finished, because I want to make sure they form a cohesive whole, while still maintaining a stand-alone salability. If they like the first one and it sells, then I'll pitch the second and third parts.


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    Josh Lemay

    Re: Writing a Series

    I don't think you have to resolve or connect everything from one book to the next. There's bound to be parts of each story that aren't told for whatever reason(maybe the characters went somewhere and saw something, but they didn't realize the significance until later on), and you can draw upon that and pull it into the next story. That works for minor to average things, anyways.

    If something is absolutely integral to the plot, then go ahead and add it into the first book beforehand. If your example of dreams is just something that she starts to have more frequently or stronger visions during them, I don't see why it should be added into the first book. Everyone has dreams, so it's not like anyone's going to think that you brought it from no where. If it's more along the lines of a magical sword that defeats the bad guy and the hero has had it forever, but forgot to mention it until the last paragraph of book three, that's a little less believable.

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    L Bea

    Re: Writing a Series

    I think you need to focus on book 1. Make it the best it can be. Sell it. Once that's sold, then you tweak the next of the series accordingly. No matter how that first one turns out, it is what it is. It's selling, so now you have to work with that premise. I think sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and we lose quality. Small bites. Make it happen. Then use your beautiful creative abilities to bring something to the next piece. But that's just me.


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    Cathy C

    Re: Writing a Series

    Well, a lot depends on your worldbuilding. What you're talking about here is a possible hook to the series or a world arc. If the dreams are really important to the plot of book 2 then, yes, it's probably good to have them in book 1. But, book 1 can be the beginning of the dreams where she doesn't get them often, or doesn't really remember them very well. Waking from a freaky dream happens to all of us, and it can be a simple paragraph or a conversation of dialogue with a friend/relative in book 1 to get the reader interested in the subject. Just make the dream in book 1 suitably strange--notably so, and something to do with book 2. Prophetic, or simply having the characters or elements of the second book. They both work equally well.

    The nice part about writing a series (since that's primarily what I write) is that you have room to expand on plot points in subsequent books, and you DON'T have to wrap up every subplot in book 1. In fact, it's better for the reader if you don't. They LOVE guessing about unresolved threads.

    Otherwise, soap operas on TV wouldn't exist from season to season. Good luck!

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