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Thread: Meeting

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    DD Bz

    Re: txt spk

    Fades n Canavan...

    The learned and great Daniel Webster himself
    laid it down as a rule that whatever makes sense is
    grammar. u need tolerate

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    Gravity Fades

    Re: txt spk

    Horse****. The absolute first rule of writing is clarity of thought. If it looks like you wrote it with your feet, then that's just about what it'll be worth.

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    Lea Zalas

    Re: txt spk

    Ankita, I do wish you luck.


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    Chuck Shaw

    Re: txt spk

    Hang in there Anita

    I like your concept, but you will have to put serious thought into it. The spoiled rich kid straightened out by poor good kid is an old theme. Kiplingís Captains Courageous is probably the best (IMHO), though somewhat dated. It will be difficult to come up with an original twist on this theme.

    On internet shorthand. There are only 26 letters plus a hundred or so punctuation and symbols in most western languages (including ASCI as normally used). In small closed communities (professions) we can use acronyms and shortcuts because everyone knows them and uses them every day. As a nuke tech, I know what CDM, CC, 10e4, ERLL, RCMZ and so on mean. I don't expect everyone to recognize them.

    When you are writing (or posting) to the general public you have to stay close to the standardized format or you either donít communicate (the reader gives up and goes away) or risk misunderstanding.

    That is the underlying purpose of grammar. Unfortunately it has become a yardstick. In most societies you are judged by your ability to use the primary language. Txt spk equals superficial, uneducated and incapable of significant accomplishments to many people, including many of those who buy books, both as readers and as agents / editors.

    Thus pronounces the Great Shaw. This wisdom and $7.50 will buy you a coffee someplace Iím sure.


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    Sam English

    Re: txt spk

    Well said, Mr. Shaw.

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    DD Bz

    Re: txt spk

    Well, Fades, I couldn't make it out why did u confuse clarity of one's thought with handwriting or foot-writing? Isn't it just your attempt to make the understanding of the issue worse? And I don't think Ankita really intended to make use of txtspk in the work.
    Be prudent

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